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Anji Bamboo Expo Park
Date: 2022-06-24 15:57 Source: ct.zj.gov.cn

Anji Bamboo Expo Park is located within Huzhou, Zhejiang, at a distance of 220 km from Shanghai, 230 km from Nanjing and 60 km from Hangzhou. The park was first established in 1974, covering an area of 80 hectares, and is now an AAAA level tourist area, a national agricultural tourism demonstration point, and a national science education base. The Huxi River babbles through the park, reflecting the shadows of 389 rare species of bamboo. Indeed, this is the real kingdom of bamboo! Taking a tour of the bamboo park, you will have a good view of various kinds of bamboo from all over the world and gain a deep insight into the history of the application of this kind of amazing plant over a thousand year. Walking in the bamboo forest is a rather immersive experience, and one feels like he is diving into an ocean of green. Some of them stand as tall as towers extending towards the sky, some are short and crouch around your feet; some have leaves as thin as needles and some have leaves that flap in the wind like swathes of fabric, some of the bambooshoots are colorful and some have twists like snakes.
In additional to the various bamboo types, the Huxi River is also a beautiful attraction by itself. The Huxi River is a tributary of Xishao River, flowing southwards into the main Shaoxi River and then going all the way into Taihu Lake. The river goes through the bamboo park and forms a wetland 1 km long and 50 meters wide in the east of the park. The crystal clear river flows smoothly all year round, creating a comfortable environment for fish and shrimp as well as plants like reeds and bushes. You can have fun in the scattered pools and brooks, floating on the rafts, catching fish or shrimp while taking a deep breath of the fresh and sweet-smelling air.
The Anji Bamboo Expo Park also houses the very first world-class ecological panda exhibition hall. The total covered area of this hall is about 7,000 square meters, and the construction cost was about 10 million RMB. The living area of the pandas was constructed in strict adherence with guidelines obtained from wildlife experts, with all functions and elements contained therein fulfilling the needs of pandas. For example, due to the pandas’ intolerance to heat, the building is designed to maintain a constant-temperature that is comfortable to house the pandas. Even if the temperature outside is over 24 Celsius degrees, the building can protect the pandas from the heat. What’s more, since pandas love climbing trees and playing games, the open-air playground is equipped with tree frames and entertainment amenities specially designed for pandas. With the ocean of bamboo and a grand palace for the pandas, the two pandas Kelin and Shulin both enjoy a well-off life in the Bamboo Park.
The China Bamboo Museum concisely presents the bamboo culture of the last 6,000 years. It is the first-class-specialized museum dedicated to bamboo in China and is also a leading institution worldwide. The museum takes up an area of 12,000 square meters, and is divided into 8 themes including the History Hall, the Recourse and Cultivation Hall, the Literature Art Hall, the Craft and Art Hall and the International Exhibition Hall. In the museum, one can learn more about the bamboo weaving art of Qinqming River Map, Orchid Pavilion Preface, the biggest and sturdiest bamboo in the world and the solid Guli Bamboo, among many other things. With an abundant collection of exhibits and detailed historical information, one can gain a deep and comprehensive insight into bamboo, its long history and brilliant culture in China.
The Bamboo Park is also equipped with a variety of activities and shows. Watch the birds’ show, join in the game of horse riding or racing, have a picnic or BBQ, go fishing or boating on the river- one can always find many riveting things to do in this place.




Dipu Town, Anji, Zhejiang

Admission Fee:

CNY 80

Opening Hours:

Summer: 07:30~17:00 Winter: 08:00~16:30

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