Provincial conference on the defense against typhoon “fireworks” held
Date:2021-07-26 09:23

This year’s No. 6 typhoon “Fireworks” is coming violently straight to Zhejiang Province. On the afternoon of July 22, the provincial conference on the defense against typhoon “fireworks” was held. Yuan Jiajun, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, made an instruction, and Zheng Shanjie, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor, went to the Provincial Command of the Prevention and Control of Flood and Drought, to inspect and guide the defense against this typhoon, and gave a speech at the meeting.

In his instruction, Yuan Jiajun emphasized that it is necessary to conscientiously implement the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on flood prevention and disaster relief, and to quickly charge to the front line of preventing typhoon “fireworks”, and that leaders at all levels must give command at the front line, and scientifically organize forecasts and early warnings, risk investigation and control, deployment and preparation of emergency response forces, advance drainage and and discharge of water networks, and transfer and evacuation of people, to ensure no death, less injury, and less loss.

Zheng Shanjie pointed out that typhoon “fireworks” is most likely to make a head-on landing, and to being “strong wind, rainstorm, and high tide” altogether, having impact for a relatively long time and on a wide range of areas, so the situation of the defense against the typhoon is severe, allowing for no disregard. All localities and departments must conscientiously implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions, and fully implement the spirit of the executive meeting of the State Council and the deployments and requirements of the provincial Party committee, to take precautions first and strengthen implementation, to fully mobilize all forces to take various measures to secure the defense against the typhoon and the disaster relief, and to go all out to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.

Zheng Shanjie emphasized the importance of “four checks”: to check whether the mechanism for forecasts of and early warnings against disasters is effective; to check whether the preparations for the defense against the typhoon and flood are adequate; to check whether there are aspects of weakness in cities’ flood control capacity; to check whether social mobilization is in place.

Zheng Shanjie also emphasized the need to implement five aspects without slack: to perform duties and shoulder responsibilities without slack; to strengthen forecasts and early warnings without slack; to detect hidden dangers and risks without slack; to make every effort to transfer and evacuate people without danger; to make adequate preparations for disaster response and relief.

Liu Xiaotao, Liu Jianwei, Liu Xin, and Qiu Dongyao attended the conference at the main venue or branch venues.

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