Heavy Rainstorms in many parts of Zhejiang due to the influence of the typhoon “Compass”
Date:2021-10-14 09:27

Affected by the peripheral influence of the No. 18th typhoon “Compass” of this year and the cold air, many parts of Zhejiang were stricken by heavy rainstorms, and various early warnings appeared frequently. On the afternoon of October 12th, the Flood and Drought Prevention and Control Office of Zhejiang issued relevant notices requesting targeted prevention of heavy rainfalls and sea storms.

It is predicted that the typhoon “Compasses” will land in the coastal areas from Wenchang to Sanya in Hainan from the afternoon to the evening of the 13th, but the peripheral cloud system is relatively wide, which will have a large impact on Zhejiang. On the 12th, Wenzhou, Taizhou, and the eastern part of Lishui all ushered in heavy rainfalls ranging from heavy rains to rainstorms. According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, in the next one or two days, there will be heavy rains and even rainstorms in Wenzhou and Taizhou, and heavy rainstorms in some parts; Lishui, Ningbo, Shaoxing, and there will be moderate and heavy rains in some parts of Jinhua and rainstorms in a few areas.

Warnings of different colors appear alternately. On the evening of the 12th, the Department of Water Resources of Zhejiang Province issued the latest warning against torrential floods. It is estimated that torrential floods are likely to happen in Lucheng District, Longwan District, Ouhai District, Xianju County, Linhai City, Qingtian County, and Jingning She Autonomous County (orange warning), torrential floods are more likely to occur in Pan’an County and Tiantai County (yellow warning), torrential floods are most likely to take place in Yongjia County, Pingyang County, Cangnan County, Wencheng County, Taishun County, Ruian City, Yueqing City, Huangyan District, and Wenling City (red warning) from 20:00 on the 12th to 20:00 on the 13th.

In response to this, the Flood and Drought Prevention and Control Office of Zhejiang Province has organized several consultations, requiring all localities to never drop their guard, strictly implement the 24-hour duty system during the flood season, strengthen consultations, research and judgment, and guidance and supervision, resolutely eliminate low-level errors, and always complete various tasks for flood and typhoon prevention and control.

Torrential floods and geological disasters must be prevented and controlled with great efforts. Since the evening of October 10th, many places in Zhejiang have suffered heavy rainfalls, with rainfalls exceeding 100 mm at nearly 80 sites. Soil moisture in mountainous areas is saturated. Once heavy rainfall is encountered, torrential floods and geological disasters are prone to occur. In addition, an eye must be kept on maritime safety. Wenzhou, Taizhou and other places should strengthen the management and control of fishing boats and marine recreational fishing boats, and urge fishing boats in dangerous sea areas to return to ports for shelter from the wind or sail into safe waters in time; according to the impact of sea wind and waves, the operation of marine recreational fishing boats and construction of key offshore projects must be stopped when necessary, the inter-island passenger boats and traffic routes must be stopped if necessary, and the island scenic spots must be closed, in the affected areas.

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