Zhejiang achieves full coverage of online supervision over grassroots public authorities
Date:2021-10-13 16:18

In the digital age, how can we achieve the search and trace of the public power operation, so that power is firmly locked in the cage of the system? In our province, a large-data supervision application of public authorities at the grassroots level is bringing the public power under whole process online supervision.

Focus on people’s needs

In recent years, the province has made a lot of exploration in promoting grassroots supervision, but there are still problems such as weak, divergent and lagging supervision. According to statistics, in recent years, about 75% of complaints and 89% of cases filed in our province each year came from the grassroots.

Since the beginning of this year, the digital reform in our province has made it clear that the promotion of public power big data supervision is an important part of realizing the overall intelligent governance of Party and government authorities. Focusing on the people’s needs, the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision has innovatively developed the application of big data supervision and administration of the public power at the grassroots level. The problems in the supervision of public power at the grassroots level are being effectively solved on this application platform.

Focusing on demand, the big data supervision is directed at the grassroots issues that people are most concerned about and the weak links where grassroots powers are prone to corruption. With village and communal power as the target of supervision, the application focuses on six high-frequency issues such as village-level projects, labor and employment, assets and resources, reliefs and subsidies, village-level procurement, and seal management, aiming to create a new scenario of digital supervision at the grassroots level with the entire online operation of grassroots public power, real-time warning of abnormal information and timely handling of the people’s demands.

Collaborative intelligent supervision

Through the application of big data supervision, potential problems in basic-level public power operation can be discovered in time.

Recently, the Jiande Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision received a red warning message issued by the online provincial grassroots supervision platform: From November 2017 to November 2018, Li, the former secretary of the Party branch of Wulong Village, Hangtou Town, handed over 5 projects of the village to a construction engineering company where he had worked and paid basic pension insurance, and the total contract amount was more than 1.32 million yuan.

Hidden problems can be discovered due to the digital collision analysis function of the application. Through analysis of the collision between Li's information and the information from the market supervision and the civil affairs department, the originally hidden problems are exposed at "one-click". After some investigation, the early warning turned out to be true, and Li has been expelled from the Party.

The once complicated data and clues can be linked and collided through the top-level design and model traction of the supervision application. At present, the application has achieved vertical linkage of provinces, cities, counties, townships, and villages, and horizontal coordination of 20 departments including public security, taxation, market supervision, civil affairs, and agriculture and rural areas, clarifying 90 types of data requirements, linking up 60 sets of business systems, and connecting 108 data interfaces to form a supervisory "data pool". Coordination among multiple provincial-level departments has promoted comprehensive deep reforms of technical means, mechanisms and systems, and formed a three-dimensional supervision pattern.

The construction of the supervision platform has accelerated the whole-process transparent operation of grassroots public power, and promoted the transformation of post-supervision to whole-process supervision. At present, the application has been put into operation in 22,194 villages and communities across the province, and 2.42 million key data on the administrative operation have been collected, and the coverage rate is 88.85%. As of October 10, the application has generated 15,410 warnings, including 7663 red warnings, 7109 of which have been verified. 332 people have been punished, 286 items of funds (5.7472 million yuan) recovered.

Precise closed loop for grassroots supervision

The supervision application is also a platform to leverage the supervision of the people. The application has launched a tiny power supervision module to meet the people’s demands. In August this year, a villager in Houhuang Village, Huangtan Town, Ninghai County reported on the module that no data could be found on the platform for the village’s barren hill contracting project. After investigation by the town’s Commission for Discipline Inspection, it was discovered that the barren mountain contract had expired. The contract amount at that time was 50,000 yuan per year. The village cadres did not get it contracted again due to changes in terms of office and other reasons. After discovering the problem, the village cadres immediately launched the second round of contract bidding. Based on the previous rental, a 5-year contract period will increase 250,000 yuan for the village.

Through the module, the villagers can not only report problems, but also supervise all aspects of the operation of grassroots public power. They can then view the progress of the reported problems on their mobile phones, so that the whole process can be tracked and the results can be evaluated. At present, the module has been listed as a national pilot by the National Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. As of October 10, 25,348 appeals from the people had been accepted, and 20 of them had to be readdressed due to the dissatisfaction of the people.

The next step, said an official from the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision, based on the grassroots supervision platform, our province will gradually expand the big data supervision from villages and communities to government departments, state-owned enterprises, universities and other fields, so as to form a new supervision mechanism with highly integrated data, highly integrated business, highly coordinated supervision and highly intelligent operation.

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