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Department of Culture and Tourism of Zhejiang Province
Date:2020-09-01 09:23

Institutional functions:


(1) Organizing the drafting of local laws and regulations on culture and tourism, and organizing the formulation of policies and measures.


(2) Making overall plans for the development of cultural undertakings, cultural industries and tourism in the province, formulating and organizing the implementation of development plans, promoting the integrated development of culture and tourism, and promoting the reform of cultural and tourism systems and mechanisms.


(3) Practicing the core values of socialism, grasping the correct orientation, guiding and managing literary and artistic undertakings, guiding the creation and production of oriented, representative and exemplary literary works, and promoting the development of various categories and artistic varieties; guiding and coordinating provincial major cultural and tourism activities.


(4) Being responsible for the development of cultural public undertakings in the province, promoting the construction of the public cultural service system and tourism public services in  the province, guiding the construction of key provincial and grass-roots cultural and tourism facilities, implementing in depth cultural and tourism projects benefiting people, and coordinating the promotion of the standardization and equalization of basic public culture services.


(5) Guiding and promoting the innovative development of culture and tourism technology in the province; promoting the digital and standardized construction of the cultural and tourism industries; being responsible for building talent teams for culture, art and tourism in the province.


(6) Being responsible for protecting the intangible cultural heritages in the province, promoting the inheritance, popularization, promotion and revitalization of the intangible cultural heritages in  the province, and promoting the inheritance and development of the excellent traditional culture in the province.


(7) Organizing and implementing the general survey, exploration, protection and utilization of cultural and tourism resources; guiding and promoting global tourism.


(8) formulating and organizing the implementation of development plans for cultural and tourism industries, guiding the construction of major cultural and tourism projects, guiding the structural optimization and upgrading of cultural and tourism industries, and promoting the high-quality development of cultural and tourism industries.


(9) Formulating and organizing the implementation of development strategies for the cultural and tourism market in the province, supervising and managing the operation of cultural and tourism market operators, regulating the cultural and tourism market in accordance with the law, guiding and promoting the quality management and brand cultivation of cultural and tourism enterprises, and promoting the construction of spiritual civilization and credit systems in these industries.


(10) Guiding and managing cultural and tourism exchanges and cooperation with and publicity and promotion to foreign countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and organizing large-scale cultural and tourism exchanges with foreign countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


(11) Guiding and supervising the comprehensive law enforcement in the cultural market across the province, organizing and coordinating the investigation and handling of provincial and cross-regional major cases related to culture, publishing, radio and television, film, tourism, etc., supervising the detection of major and important cases, and maintaining the market order; guiding the safety and stability of the culture and tourism industries in the province, and being responsible for the security regulation of the culture and tourism industries.


(12) Managing Cultural Relics Bureau of Zhejiang Province.


(13) Completing other tasks assigned by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government.


(14) Transforming functions: adhering to the principle of putting social benefits first and unifying social benefits and economic benefits, firmly establishing a people-centered development thinking and work orientation, deepening the “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” reform in the field of culture and tourism, actively implementing the strategy of cultural boutiques, continuing to promote the construction of grassroots cultural positions, vigorously implementing inheritance and development projects for excellent traditional culture, accelerating the integrated development of the cultural and tourism industries, and striving to improve the public cultural service system, make the cultural and tourism industries stronger, enrich the people's spiritual and cultural life, and significantly increase cultural creativity, transmission, and influence.


Address and Postcode: No. 53, Shuguang Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province (310013)

Public Telephone: 0086-571-85212195 85212172

Complaint Telephone: 0086-571-85212195

Website: ct.zj.gov.cn

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