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Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province
Date:2020-09-01 09:21

Institutional functions:


Article 1 These provisions are formulated in accordance with  “Decisions of the CPC Central Committee on Deepening the Reform of the Party and State Institutions” and “Zhejiang Institutional Reform Plans” approved by the Party Central Committee and the State Council.


Article 2 Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province is a department of the Provincial Government and is at the departmental level.


Article 3 Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province implements the guidelines and policies, and decisions and deployments on commercial work made by the Party Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee, and adheres to and strengthens the Party's centralized and unified leadership over commercial work in the process of performing its duties. Its main responsibilities include:


(1) Being responsible for domestic and foreign trade, investment by foreign businessmen, investment in foreign countries, and economic cooperation with foreign countries and other business responsibilities: drafting commerce-related local laws and regulations, and formulating and organizing the implementation of development strategies, plans and policies related to commerce in the province; organizing and implementing the strategy of opening to the outside world, expanding domestic and foreign markets, and promoting the integration of domestic and foreign trade; formulating development plans for big data on commerce.


(2) Coordinating the work of domestic trade circulation: promoting the structural adjustment of the circulation industry, and guiding the reform of circulation enterprises and the development of the business service industry; promoting the development of modern circulation methods and the innovation and application of the supply chain; guiding the planning of bulk product wholesale markets and urban and rural commercial outlets, and promoting the construction of urban and rural market systems; formulating development plans for the commodity trading market; supervising and managing special circulation industries in accordance with relevant regulations; promoting the development and application of unpacked cement; being responsible for recycling management of renewable resources.


(3) Being responsible for promoting consumption in commerce and fostering consumption promotion platforms: formulating development plans for gas stations and the refined oil storage industry, and being responsible for supervising and managing refined oil business; being responsible for cultivating time-honored brands and other commercial brands; being responsible for supervising and managing single-purpose commercial prepaid cards.


(4) Taking the lead in coordinating, rectifying and standardizing the market economic order, and formulating and organizing the implementation of policies on standardizing market operation and circulation order: monitoring and analyzing market operation, commodity supply and demand, and commodity pricing, and conducting forecasting, early warning and information guidance; being responsible for the credit construction in the business sector; promoting the establishment of tracing systems for important products.


(5) Being responsible for comprehensively coordinating e-commerce and regulating the industry: working with relevant departments to formulate relevant policies to guide and support the development of e-commerce platforms, e-commerce service systems, and e-commerce industrial bases; promoting the development of cross-border e-commerce and the construction of comprehensive pilot zones; carrying out the work related to e-commerce industry statistics, operation monitoring, the construction of service support systems, etc.


(6) Being responsible for comprehensively coordinating the development of the exhibition industry: organizing the formulation of development policies on the exhibition industry; coordinating and promoting the standardization and innovative development of the exhibition industry; guiding the construction of domestic and foreign exhibition platforms and exhibitions.


(7) Being responsible for constructing foreign trade promotion systems: promoting new trade methods and accelerating the construction of cross-border supply chains; promoting the development mode transformation and structural optimization and upgrading of foreign trade; being responsible for the management of foreign trade operators; promoting enterprises to develop international markets.


(8) Being responsible for managing and promoting import and export: organizing the implementation of plans for the total amount of import and export in important industrial products, raw materials and important agricultural produces; coordinating the management of bulk import and export commodities in conjunction with relevant departments; managing import and export quotas; being responsible for managing the import and export of mechanical and electrical products, high-tech products and sets of bulk equipment; undertaking the management of dual-use items and technology import and export according to the prescribed authority.


(9) Being responsible for international service trade and technology trade

guiding the opening up of service trade, promoting the development of international service trade, and promoting the construction of service trade exchange and cooperation platforms; being responsible for the management of technology import and export in the province; being responsible for the management and promotion of the international freight logistics agencies; cooperating with relevant departments to guide the work safety in the business service industry (including catering, accommodation, e-commerce).


(10) Being responsible for fair trade in imports and exports and the investigation of trade relief: organizing and coordinating the work related to anti-dumping, counter-subsidy, guarantee measures and other work related to fair trade in imports and exports; establishing and improving early warning mechanisms for foreign trade and industrial damage; being responsible for the trade policy compliance work in the province; guide the response to various trade friction cases and industrial security in the province; taking the lead in coordinating matters related to the World Trade Organization.


(11) Being responsible for the promotion and management of foreign investment: carrying out the management of foreign-invested enterprises in accordance with the law; supervising and inspecting the implementation of laws, regulations and rules in foreign investment; being responsible for the formulation, assessment, and statistical monitoring of annual foreign investment goals; guiding the promotion of foreign investment in the province; developing services for foreign-invested enterprises and guide the safety management of overseas investment cooperation projects.


(12) Being responsible for the management of national and provincial economic and technological development zones: comprehensively coordinating, guiding and managing national economic and technological development zones and customs special supervision zones, and provincial economic development zones and open platforms that are included in the management of provincial economic development zones; being responsible for the assessment and operation monitoring of the development zones.


(13) Being responsible for the implementation of strategies for national free trade pilot zones: implementing multilateral and bilateral free trade agreements, studying and formulating policies and recommendations on the construction of pilot free trade zones in the province; study major issues related to the reform and development of pilot free trade zones, and undertaking the task of coordinating the pilot reform of pilot free trade zones; guiding and implementing the replication and promotion of innovative experience and achievements of the pilot free trade zones in the province.


(14) Being responsible for foreign investment and foreign economic cooperation: being responsible for supervising and managing overseas investment and foreign labor service cooperation; being responsible for supervising and managing overseas contracted projects and the work safety; being responsible for managing overseas investment of enterprises in the province (excluding financial enterprises); being responsible for constructing overseas hub projects and overseas economic and trade cooperation zones; promoting international production capacity cooperation according to the division of responsibilities; undertaking the protection of the rights and interests of overseas dispatched laborers; dealing with overseas economic and trade disputes and emergencies; being responsible for multilateral and bilateral aid and foreign aid.


(15) Being responsible for foreign economic and trade exchanges: taking the lead in advancing multilateral and bilateral economic and trade exchanges and cooperation with other countries and regions; in accordance with the prescribed authority, organizing and undertaking matters related to going abroad for business and inviting foreigners to visit; leading the organization of major economic and trade exchanges at home and abroad; coordinating the promotion of the construction and management of economic and commercial institutions of our province in foreign countries, and expanding the network of overseas economic and trade cooperation.


(16) Completing other tasks assigned by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government.


(17) Transforming functions: driven by the reform of “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure”, deepening the reform of the circulation system, improving the consumption promotion system and mechanism, developing modern circulation methods, accelerating the innovation and application of the supply chain, the construction of new trade centers, and the creation of mid-to-high-end consumer agglomeration platforms, promoting the digital, platform-based and brand-based development of the circulation field, and creating a province with a potent circulation industry; guided by the “One Belt One Road”initiative, developing new business modes such as cross-border e-commerce, market procurement and comprehensive foreign trade service platforms, improving the competitiveness of export products, building high-quality product production and sales bases, optimizing foreign investment structure, strengthening foreign business services, building high-quality agglomeration areas for foreign investment, guiding foreign investment in an orderly manner, building high-level overseas investment sources, continuing to expand the depth of opening up, improving the benefits of opening up, and creating an open and strong province.


Address and Postcode: No. 468, Yan'an Road, Hangzhou 310006

Public Telephone: 0571-87050911

Complaint Telephone: 0571-87050899

Website: www.zcom.gov.cn

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