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Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Zhejiang Province
Date:2020-09-01 09:20

(1) Overall researching and organizing the implementation of mid- and long-term plans for and major policies on the work related to agriculture, rural affairs and farmers: organizing the drafting of laws and regulations on agriculture and rural affairs, and guiding the comprehensive law enforcement in agriculture; participating in the formulation of policies on finance and taxation, pricing, purchase and storage, finance insurance related to agriculture, rural affairs and farmers.


(2) Coordinating and promoting the development of rural social undertakings, rural public services, rural culture, rural infrastructure and rural governance in the province; organizing the implementation of the “Demonstration of One Thousand Villages and Rectification of Ten Thousand Villages” project, and taking the lead in organizing the improvement of the rural living environment; guiding the construction of spiritual civilization and excellent farming culture in rural areas.


(3) Formulating policies and supporting measures on deepening the reform of the rural economic system and consolidating and improving the basic rural management system: being responsible for the reform and management of farmers’ contracted land and rural homesteads; being responsible for the reform of the rural collective property rights system, and guiding the development of rural collective economic organizations and collective assets management; guiding the construction and development of farmers' economic cooperatives, agricultural social service systems, and new agricultural businesses; guiding the construction and management of state-owned farms.


(4) Being responsible for the construction of an efficient ecological agricultural industry system: guiding the development of rural characteristic industries, agricultural produce processing industries, leisure agriculture and agritainments; putting forward suggestions on promoting the circulation of bulk agricultural produces, cultivating and protecting agricultural brands, guiding agricultural produce marketing management and international and domestic agricultural exhibitions and sales; publishing agricultural and rural economic information, monitoring and analyzing agricultural and rural economic operations; undertaking work related to agricultural statistics and agricultural and rural information technology.


(5) Being responsible for supervising and managing various agricultural industries such as plantation, animal husbandry, fishery, and agricultural mechanization; guiding the production of grain and other agricultural produces; organizing the construction of modern agricultural industry systems, production systems, and business systems, and guiding standardized agricultural produceion; supervising the implementation of bilateral and multilateral fishery treaties and agreements; being responsible for the restoration and revitalization of fisheries, the management of offshore fisheries, and supervising and managing fishery administration and fishing ports; being responsible for supervising and managing agricultural machinery, pesticide use and work safety in fisheries, being responsible for the security management of agritainments, guiding the security management of leisure and sightseeing agriculture, and guiding the work safety in the agricultural industry; implementing the requirements for ecological and environmental protection in the agriculture and rural areas, and assisting in the investigation and handling of agricultural ecological and environmental pollution.


(6) Being responsible for supervising and managing the  quality and safety of agricultural produces: organizing the monitoring and tracing of the quality and safety of agricultural produces; participating in the formulation of local standards for the quality and safety of agricultural produces and organizing their implementation in conjunction with relevant departments; guiding the construction of agricultural inspection and testing systems; guiding the delimitation of areas where the production of agricultural produces is prohibited.


(7) Being responsible for agricultural resource management: guiding the protection and management of agricultural land, fishery waters and agricultural biological species resources, and being responsible for the protection of aquatic wild animals and plants, cultivated land and permanent basic farmland quality; guiding the environmental management of the production areas of agricultural produces and clean agricultural production; guiding the development of facility agriculture, ecological recycling agriculture, and water-saving agriculture, the comprehensive development and utilization of rural renewable energy, and the development of agricultural biomass energy industry; taking the lead in managing alien species.


(8) Being responsible for supervising and managing agricultural production materials and agricultural inputs: organizing the construction of a market system for agricultural production materials, formulating and supervising their implementation of local standards for agricultural production materials; carrying out agricultural administrative licensing and its supervision and management in accordance with the law; organizing veterinary medical administration, and veterinary drug administration and drug inspection, and being responsible for the management of practicing veterinarians and the livestock and poultry slaughter industry; carrying out supervising and managing veterinary equipment and related fertilizers.


(9) Being responsible for agricultural disaster prevention and mitigation, and monitoring and control of major crop diseases and insects: guiding the construction of the animal and plant vaccination and quarantine system, organizing and supervising the work of animal and plant vaccination and quarantine in the province, monitoring animal and plant epidemics, and publishing and eliminating epidemics in accordance with the law.


(10) Being responsible for agricultural investment management: putting forward suggestions on the reform of the agricultural investment and financing systems and mechanisms, the construction plans for agricultural investment projects invested by the provincial authority, the scale and direction of agricultural investment, and the financial projects supporting agricultural and rural development; approving agricultural investment projects according to authority, and being responsible for the funding arrangement and supervision and management of agricultural investment projects.


(11) Promoting the reform of agricultural science and technology systems and the construction of agricultural technology promoting team systems: guiding the construction of the agricultural industry technology systems and agricultural technology promotion systems, and organizing the development of applied technology research, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and technology promotion in the agricultural field; being responsible for the safety supervision and management of agricultural genetically modified organisms and the protection of new varieties of agricultural plants, and being responsible for the protection of agricultural wild plants according to the division of labor.


(12) Guiding the work related to agricultural and rural talents: formulating and organizing the implementation of plans for the construction of agricultural and rural talents, guiding agricultural education and the development of agricultural vocational skills, and organizing the cultivation of new-type professional farmers, the cultivation of agricultural science and technology talents, and the training of rural practical talents.


(13) Organizing and carrying out agricultural cooperation with foreign countries: undertaking foreign affairs related to agriculture, organizing agricultural trade promotion and related international exchanges and cooperation, and participating in foreign aid projects related to agriculture.


(14) Formulating and organizing the implementation of plans for and policies on poverty alleviation development, and coordinating and urging poverty alleviation development; completing the work assigned by the superior poverty alleviation agencies; working with relevant departments to link up key assistance work.


(15) Completing other tasks assigned by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government.

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