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Zhejiang Province Human Resources and Social Security Department
Date:2020-09-01 09:13

Institutional functions:


(1) Implementing laws, regulations, and rules concerning human resources and social security; drafting local laws and regulations on human resources and social security; formulating development plans for human resources and social security in the province, and formulating and organizing and supervising the implementation of relevant policies and reform plans; being responsible for the statistics in fields related to human resources and social security in the province.


(2) Being responsible for promoting employment: formulating development plans and policies for overall coordinating urban and rural employment, and improving the public employment and entrepreneurship service system and the employment assistance system; taking the lead in formulating employment policies for college graduates, and being responsible for employment guidance and services for graduates after leaving school; being responsible for the employment guidance for graduates of technical colleges in the province; establishing and improving forecasting, early warning, monitoring and analysis systems for employment and unemployment; improving the vocational qualification system for the skilled people, and coordinating the establishment of a vocational skill training system for urban and rural workers.


(3) Undertaking the work related to talent development: coordinating with the functional departments to study, formulate and implement talent development strategies and plannings, and important policies and measures related to talent work; being responsible for the comprehensive management of the professional and technical talent teams, taking the lead in promoting the deepening of the reform of the professional title system, and being responsible for the management of the professional qualifications of professionals; being responsible for the comprehensive management of skilled talents, promoting the construction of technical colleges, and organizing the formulation of policies on the training, evaluation, and use of and incentive to skilled talents; formulating development plans for the human resources market and policies on the development of the human resources service industry and human resources mobility; being responsible for the work related to international exchange and cooperation of talents.


(4) Being responsible for basic endowment insurance, employment injury insurance and unemployment insurance: formulating policies and standards on basic endowment insurance, employment injury insurance and unemployment insurance, supervising their funds in accordance with the law, and improving the fund coordination; working with relevant departments to improve the social insurance provincial-level adjustment system and organize the drafting of budget and final accounts for basic endowment insurance funds, employment injury insurance funds, and unemployment insurance funds; organizing and implement forecasting and early warning analysis, formulating countermeasures, and implementing prevention, regulation and control; formulating and implementing a management and supervision system for supplementary endowment insurance fund; improving the construction of the handling service system.


(5) Working with relevant departments to formulate policies on income distribution, welfare and retirement for personnel in enterprises, public institutions and government agencies, and establishing a mechanism for normal wage increases and payment guarantees for personnel in enterprises and public institutions; comprehensively managing the personnel work of public institutions and government agencies, and guiding the reform of the personnel system of public institutions in conjunction with relevant departments; being responsible for the work related to government commendations and awards and rating and qualification.


(6) Coordinating the formulation of mediation and arbitration systems for labor and personnel disputes and policies on labor relations, improving coordination mechanisms for labor relations, formulating policies on eliminating illegal use of child labor and on special labor protection for female employees and under age workers, formulating and improving systems on working hours and employee vacation, organizing the implementation of labor supervision, coordinating labor rights protection, and organizing the investigation and handling of major illegal cases; working with relevant departments to formulate comprehensive policies and plans for migrant workers' employment and family services, and promoting the implementation of relevant policies.


(7) Completing other tasks assigned by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government.


(8) Transforming functions: adhering to the people-centered development philosophy, vigorously implementing the employment priority strategy, using entrepreneurship to drive employment, improving the income distribution system and mechanism, striving to build harmonious labor relations, and achieving higher quality employment and more decent work; in accordance with the requirements of the bottom line thinking, the weaving of dense networks, and the establishment of mechanisms, comprehensively building a multi-layer social security system covering all people, coordinating urban and rural areas, clarifying rights and responsibilities, providing appropriate guarantee, and maintaining sustainable development; further breaking down the system and mechanism barriers to human resources development, and giving full play to the leading role of the market in the allocation of human resources; under the guidance of the reform of“Maximum One Visit Service Procedure”, strengthening overall planning, systemic design and reform implementation, providing high-quality public services, and improving governance capabilities and governance standards in human resources and social security.


Address and Postcode: Building 2, Provincial Government Courtyard, No. 8, Shengfu Road, Hangzhou 310025

Public Telephone: (0571)87053036

Complaint Telephone: (0571)87056291

Website: http://www.zjhrss.gov.cn

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