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Department of Public Security of Zhejiang Province
Date:2020-09-01 09:09

Institutional functions:


Department of Public Security of Zhejiang Province is a component of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, and is the leading and commanding agency for public security work across the province. Its main responsibilities include:


(1) Drafting local laws and regulations on public security administration; deploying, guiding, and supervising the public security work in the province.


(2) Grasping the factors affecting social stability and social security, analyzing and judging the situations, and studying and proposing countermeasures; organizing and guiding the receipt and handling of 110 reporting and work related to intelligence and information on public security; organizing, coordinating and guiding the anti-terrorism work in the whole province.


(3) Being in charge of and guiding the detection of economic and criminal crimes, and organizing and coordinating the detection of particularly major cases, major foreign-related and cross-provincial and municipal cases, and cases assigned by the superior authority.


(4) Guiding and supervising the public security organs across the province to investigate and handle behaviors that endanger social order in accordance with the law, managing household registration, floating population, ID cards, dangerous items, and special industries in accordance with the law, managing inland waters public security work in accordance with the law, organizing and guiding the handling of major public security incidents and emergencies, and regulating assemblies, parades, and demonstrations; organizing and directing the emergency handling and riot prevention by the public security special police team.


(5) Organizing the implementation of the management of private entry and exit of Chinese citizens, and the management of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents returning to our province to settle down, undertaking the management of affairs related to foreigners’ study in China, work in China, stay and residence, and permanent residence, and carrying out work related to nationality management, immigration management, refugee management and repatriation of illegal immigrants in accordance with the assigned authority; undertaking work related to port visa.


(6) Guiding and supervising the public security organs of the province to maintain road traffic safety; guiding and supervising road traffic order and management of vehicles and drivers; being responsible for the traffic safety management of expressways in the province's jurisdiction.


(7) Organizing, guiding, supervising, and managing the critical information infrastructure of computer information systems and the protection of Internet security in accordance with the prescribed authority, and organizing and guiding cybercrime detection.


(8) Guiding and supervising the work of prisons, detention centers, compulsory treatment centers (Ankang Hospital), compulsory isolation centers for rehabilitating drug addicts, and supervision and detention areas across the province; managing the provincial prison.


(9) Planning and guiding the rule of law in the public security system in the province; guiding and supervising the law enforcement of public security organs across the province.


(10) Organizing, coordinating, and guiding the drug control and anti-drug work in the province.


(11) Organizing and guiding public security science and technology and information technology in the province: organizing and guiding the communication service guarantee work of public security organs across the province; organizing and guiding the establishment and management of big data on public security; being responsible for the industry management of social public security technology precautions in the province, and organizing and guiding the promotion and application of social public security technology in the field of public security.


(12) Implementing the supervision of public security organs and the police force in accordance with the prescribed authority; leading the inspection of the public security organs across the province, and organizing and guiding the maintenance of police officers’ rights and interests in law enforcement.


(13) Organizing the implementation of comprehensive performance evaluation of public security organs in cities.


(14) Guiding the public security work of airports in the province, and being responsible for the public security work of Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport.


(15) Guiding the work of railway, forest and other public security agencies.


(16) Completing other tasks assigned by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government.


Department of Public Security of Zhejiang Province consists of institutions including Political Department, General Office, Joint Service of Intelligence and Guidance, Economic Crime Detection, Public Security Regulation, Patrol and Special Police, Criminal Detection, Entry and Exit Management, Network Security, Supervision, Traffic Control, Drug Control, Police Inspection, Rule of Law, Complaints and Proposals, Science and Technology and Information Technology, International Cooperation, Police Security, Audit, Personnel Training, Publicity, Retirement,etc., and these institutions are responsible for relevant work. The routine work of the Political Department is handled by the Personnel and Training Department, Publicity Department, Department of Retirees, etc.


Department of Public Security of Zhejiang Province has four directly affiliated units, including the Provincial Prison, the Vehicle Management Office, the Expressway Traffic Police Corps, and the Airport Public Security Bureau, and manages the provincial public security aviation police team.


Address: No. 66 Minsheng Road, Hangzhou

Public Telephone: 0571-87286688

Complaint Telephone: 0571-87286151

Website: http://gat.zj.gov.cn/

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