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Department of Education of Zhejiang
Date:2020-09-01 09:05

Institutional functions:


(1) Implementing the guidelines, policies, laws and regulations on education made by the Party and the state, organizing the drafting of local laws and regulations on education, and promoting the legal construction in the education system.


(2) Being responsible for the overall planning of education in the province, undertaking research on major issues and policies in the reform and development of education, formulating and organizing the implementation of policies on the reform and development of education in the province, formulating and urging the implementation of standards for the establishment of schools in conjunction with relevant departments, and being responsible for the statistics, analysis and release of basic information on education in the province.


(3) Guiding, urging and inspecting work related to the political, intellectual and organizational Party building in schools in the province, as well as the assumption of the main responsibility of comprehensively and strictly governing the Party in the education system in the province, and cooperating with the United Front Work Department of the Provincial Party Committee to do a good job in the united front work of colleges and universities.


(4) Guiding the security and stability of the education system in the province, being responsible for the regulation of security in the education system, urging the relevant operators in the education system to implement the responsibility of work safety, and organizing or assisting in the investigation and handling of negligence of duty or illegal activities in the regulation of security in schools.


(5) Coordinating and managing the education funds of this department, participating in the formulation and supervising the implementation of guidelines and policies for raising education funds, funding for education, and investment in education infrastructure, and guiding the auditing in the education system.


(6) Being responsible for promoting the high-quality and balanced development of elementary education to promote educational equity; formulating basic requirements and documents for teaching in elementary education, and implementing quality education in an all-round way.


(7) Taking the lead in formulating methods for the establishment of vocational schools, basic teaching requirements, and basic teaching documents, and guiding the education and teaching reform in vocational schools, and vocational guidance and evaluation; coordinating the construction of the adult education and life-long learning system.


(8) Coordinating and guiding higher education and scientific research in the province, guiding the construction of first-class universities and first-class disciplines in conjunction with relevant departments, being responsible for reviewing the establishment, renaming, cancellation and adjustment of colleges and universities, formulating and implementing enrollment plans for colleges and universities in conjunction with related departments, and guiding the setting of programs in higher schools and higher education development evaluation.


(9) Guiding schools to carry out ideological and political education, moral education, sports hygiene and art education, labor education, and national defense education.


(10) Being responsible for the building of the education talent teams in the province; guiding the improvement of teachers' morality and conduct in the province; organizing and guiding the implementation of the teacher qualification system, and participating in the formulation of policies on staffing, positions, and salary for schools.


(11) Being responsible for the management of school status and academic qualifications in the province, participating in the formulation of employment policies for graduates of ordinary higher schools, and guiding college students in employment, and innovation and entrepreneurship.


(12) Guiding the international cooperation and exchanges in the education system of the whole province, taking the lead in being responsible for work related to studying abroad funded by the government and studying overseas in China in the province, carrying out educational cooperation and exchanges with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and guiding the international promotion of Chinese.


(13) Being responsible for formulating the plannings and management systems for school textbooks in the province, and being responsible for the compilation of textbooks, review of textbooks and management of utilization.


(14) Being responsible for work related to language and Chinese characters, and guiding the standardization of language and Chinese characters.


(15) Being responsible for the implementation of the national degree system as well as the degree and postgraduate education in the province.


(16) Guiding the education supervision in the province, and organizing the implementation of education supervision and evaluation, inspection and acceptance, quality monitoring and other work according to law.


(17) Completing other tasks assigned by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government.


(18) Transforming functions. Implementing the overall requirements for strengthening school Party building  made by Party Central Committee and for the building of “clean Zhejiang” made by the Provincial Party Committee, performing the duties of guidance and supervision of school Party building, guiding and urging the assumption of the responsibility of comprehensively and strictly governing the Party in the education system of the whole province, and improving Party building; deepening the reform of “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure”in the field of education in the province, further promoting the sharing of educational data, further promoting the reduction of matters, materials, and links, adhering to the design of education reform plans from the perspective of the people, clarifying reform goals, and improving the quality and convenience of education; strengthening management of the use of teaching materials in various schools at all levels, adhering to the direction of socialist education, and enhancing the ideological, scientific, and times nature of teaching materials; strengthening the responsibilities of education supervision, strengthening the overall planning, comprehensive coordination and management of private education, continuously improve the quality of education, promoting education equity, promoting the sound development of education, and ensuring that the Party's guidelines and policies on education are fully implemented.


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Public Telephone: 0571-88008999

Complaint Telephone: 0571-88008711

Website Address: http://jyt.zj.gov.cn

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