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Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Statistics
Date:2020-08-18 11:10

Public Telephone: 0571-81050630, 87057075 Supervision Telephone: 0571-87052942

Fax: 0571-87052934                Zip code: 310005

Address: No.2 Courtyard of Zhejiang Provincial Administration Center, No.318, North Huancheng Road, Hangzhou, China

Email: tjj.tjj@zj.gov.cn

Website: http://tjj.zj.gov.cn

Office Hours: 8:30-12:00 in the morning, 14:00-17:30 (14:30-18:00 summer time)in the afternoon


According to the “Provisions on the Function Assignment, Internal Institutions and Staffing of the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Statistics”(departmental [2018] No. 47), Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Statistics is an agency directly under the Provincial Government and is at the departmental level. Its main responsibilities include:

(1) Undertaking the organization and leadership, coordination and guidance of statistics in the province to ensure that the statistics are true, accurate and timely; implementing national statistics laws, regulations and plans, and organizing the drafting of local statistics laws and regulations.

(2) Establishing and improving the national economic accounting system: organizing investigations of the national economic accounting system and input-output across the province, verifying the calculation of the GDP across the province and in each city, and regulating the national economic accounting work of each city and county (city, district).

(3) Organizing and carrying out census. Taking the lead in organizing major censuses of national and provincial conditions and strengths in population, economy, agriculture, etc., and large-scale investigations; summarizing, sorting and providing statistical data on provincial conditions and strengths.

(4) Organizing the implementation of the statistical investigation system: organizing the implementation of statistical surveys on the primary, secondary, and tertiary industries, as well as  on energy, environment, investment, technology, society, population, labor and employment, and consumption.

(5) Implementing national statistical standards; approving statistical investigation projects in accordance with the law; guiding the basic work of professional statistics and the construction of basic statistical business; regulating foreign-related investigations in accordance with the law.

(6) Uniformly verifying, managing, and publicizing basic statistical data of the province, regularly releasing statistical information on the national economic and social development across the province, and organizing the establishment of a statistical information sharing system and a publishing system.

(7) Being responsible for statistical analysis, statistical forecasting and statistical supervision: conducting statistical analysis, statistical forecasting and statistical supervision of the national economy, social development, scientific and technological progress, and resources and environment, and providing statistical information and consulting suggestions to the Provincial Party committee, the Provincial Government and relevant departments; carrying out comprehensive evaluation of social and economic development and investigations of public opinions and people’s living standards.

(8) Establishing and improving the provincial statistical information automation system and the statistical database system, and guiding the construction of statistical information networks and databases in various localities and departments.

(9) Being responsible for the supervision of statistical law enforcement: establishing and improving a working system to prevent statistical fraud; establishing and improving the statistical data quality review, monitoring and evaluation system, and carrying out the review, monitoring and evaluation of important statistical data; organize the implementation of the regulation of statistics in the province, and investigating and dealing with illegal statistics.

(10) Assisting the Party committees of the prefecture cities to manage the chief and deputy directors and chief statisticians of municipal bureaus of statistics; organizing and guiding the statistical scientific research and statistical education and training across the province; carrying out exchanges and cooperation in statistical work and statistical science outside the province; assisting in the organization of statistical qualification examinations and the evaluation review of professional titles; conducting unified management of the central and provincial statistical business funding of the statistical departments of governments at and above the county level.

(11) Completing other tasks assigned by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government.

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