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Administration of Sport of Zhejiang Province
Date:2020-08-18 11:09

Institutional functions:

Administration of Sport of Zhejiang Province implements policies and deployments on sports work made by the Party Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee, and insists on and strengthens the Party's centralized and unified leadership of sports work in the process of performing its duties. Its main responsibilities include:

(1) Drafting local laws and regulations on the development of the sports cause, and formulating and implementing sports development policies.

(2) Guiding and promoting sports reform, formulating sports development strategies, formulating sports development plans, and coordinating and promoting the development of sports cause in the province.

(3) Organizing the implementation of the national fitness strategy for all, guiding the carrying out of national fitness activities, supervising the implementation of national physical exercise standards, and organizing the implementation of national fitness monitoring; working with relevant departments to plan and coordinate the construction layout of sports facilities; being responsible for the supervision and inspection of public sports facilities.

(4) Planning the overall development of competitive sports, setting up sports events, and guiding and coordinating sports training and sports competitions; making overall plans for the development of youth sports, and guiding and promoting youth sports; being responsible for organizing, coordinating, and supervising anti-doping work in sports.

(5) Formulating development plans and policies for the sports industry, guiding and promoting the development of the sports industry, and standardizing the management of sports services; being responsible for the regulation of sports business activities; being responsible for the regulation of work safety in the sports industry, and guiding the safety management of large-scale sports activities and  units in the sports system; being responsible for the regulation of sports lottery issuance; organizing the appraisal of professional skills in the sports industry.

(6) Organizing and guiding sports publicity, scientific research and education; being responsible for the building of the sports talent teams across the province.

(7) Regulating foreign affairs in sports, and developing sports cooperation and exchanges with foreign countries and with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

(8) Being responsible for the business regulation of provincial sports social organizations, and guiding the reform in sports social organizations; regulating Qigong for keeping health.

(9) Completing other tasks assigned by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government.

(10) Transforming functions: deepen the reform of the “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure”in the sports field, promoting the development of sports culture, and actively carrying forward the core socialist values and Chinese sports spirit; promoting the diversification of public sports service providers and the diversification of service-providing methods, and promoting the equalization, inclusiveness, and convenience of basic sports public services, and the extension of sports public resources to the grassroots.

Administration of Sport of Zhejiang Province is responsible for the routine work of the Provincial Sports Federation, and its secretariat work is undertaken by the Mass Sports Department.


Address and Postcode: No. 212, Tiyuchang Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province 310004

Public Telephone: switchboard: 0571-85153091

Complaint Telephone: 0571-85062561

Website address: tyj.zj.gov.cn

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