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Zhejiang Provincial Radio and Television Administration
Date:2020-08-18 11:08

Institutional functions:

Zhejiang Provincial Radio and Television Administration implements policies and deployments on work related to radio and television made by the Party Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee, and insists on and strengthens the Party’s centralized and unified leadership of radio and television work in the process of performing its duties. Its main responsibilities include:

(1) Implementing the Party's publicity guidelines and policies and the state laws and regulations, and policies and measures on the management of radio and television and network audio and visual programs, strengthening the regulation of radio and television positions, and pinpointing correct public opinion and creation orientations.

(2) Drafting local laws and regulations in the field of radio and television, formulating and implementing relevant policies, plans and industrial standards, and guiding and promoting the reform of systems and mechanisms in the field of radio and television across the province.

(3) Organizing the implementation of major public service projects and public welfare activities, guiding and supervising the construction of key radio and television infrastructure, and assisting in accelerating the development of regional radio and television causes.

(4) Guiding, coordinating and promoting the development of industries in the radio and television field across the province;being responsible for the business guidance and industrial supervision of various radio and television institutions in the province, and work with relevant departments to regulate network audio-visual program service institutions; organizing the investigation and handling of major violations of laws and regulations.

(5) Guiding the development of the TV drama industry and TV drama creation and production across the province; supervising and reviewing the content and quality of the radio and television programs and online audiovisual programs across the province; guiding and supervising the broadcasting of radio and television advertisements across the province.

(6) Guiding and coordinating major radio and television publicity activities across the province, and guiding the implementation of radio and television program evaluation.

(7) Guiding and promoting the integrated development of radio and television, and new media, new technologies and new business forms, and promoting the integration of radio and television networks, telecommunications networks, and the Internet.

(8) Being responsible for regulating the transmission and coverage, monitoring and safe broadcasting of radio and television programs, and guiding the implementation of the establishment of the national emergency broadcasting system; coordinating the safety and security of radio and television systems, and guiding and coordinating the safety management of radio and television institutions and facilities and equipment.

(9) Carrying out international radio and television exchanges and cooperation, and coordinating and promoting the radio and television field across the province to go global; being responsible for the import and management of radio and television programs.

(10) Guiding the building of talent teams in the radio and television, and network audiovisual industries across the province.

(11) Completing other tasks assigned by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government.

(12) Transforming functions: deepening the reform of the “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure”in the radio and television field,vigorously developing the radio and television content industry, improving the quality of creation, and strengthening effective supply; promoting the development and application of new technologies in the field of radio and television, expanding the channels of mainstream sound transmission, and improving the guidance of mainstream media public opinions; further strengthening the management of online audiovisual programs, carrying forward the main theme, and spreading positive morale.


Address: Zhebao Cultural Industry Building, No.178 Tiyuchang Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Public Telephone: (0571) 87163142

Complaint Telephone: (0571) 88086155

Website address: http://gdj.zj.gov.cn

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