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Zhejiang Provincial Administration for Market Regulation
Date:2020-08-18 10:17

Institutional functions:

Zhejiang Provincial Administration for Market Regulation is an agency directly under the provincial government. It is at the departmental level and is also known as Zhejiang Provincial Intellectual Property Administration. It implements guidelines, policies, and deployments for market regulation made by the Party Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee, and adheres to and strengthen the Party’s centralized and unified leadership of market regulation in the process of performing duties. Its main responsibilities include:

(1) Being responsible for the comprehensive regulation of the market: organizing the implementation of relevant national laws and regulations on market regulation, drafting local laws and regulations related to market regulation, and formulating relevant policies and standards; organizing the implementation of the strategy of empowering the province through quality, the food safety strategy, the standardization strategy and the intellectual property strategy, drafting and implementing relevant plans, regulating and maintaining market order, and creating a market environment of honesty, trustworthiness, and fair competition.

(2) Being responsible for the unified registration of market operators: guiding the registration of market operators such as various enterprises, specialized farmer cooperatives, units engaged in business activities, individual industrial and commercial households, and resident representative offices of foreign (regional) enterprises, and supporting the development of individual and private economy.

(3) Being responsible for the establishment of information openness and sharing mechanisms for market operators: publicizing and sharing relevant information in accordance with the law, strengthening credit supervision, and promoting the establishment of a credit system for market operators.

(4) Being responsible for organizing and guiding the comprehensive administration law enforcement of market regulation: implementing the spirit of the relevant documents made by the central and provincial government on the reform of comprehensive administration law enforcement for market regulation, to guide the promotion of the reform of comprehensive administration law enforcement for market regulation across the province; guiding the integration and construction of comprehensive administration law enforcement teams for market regulation in cities and counties, working with relevant departments to guide the implementation of the integration of commercial law enforcement and salt industry law enforcement into market regulation law enforcement, and standardizing market regulation administration law enforcement; organizing the investigation and handling of major illegal cases.

(5) Being responsible for work related to anti-monopoly: coordinating the implementation of competition policies and guiding the implementation of a review system for fair competition; undertaking relevant anti-monopoly law enforcement under authorization; guiding Zhejiang enterprises' anti-monopoly response abroad.

(6) Being responsible for regulating market order: regulating market transactions, online commodity transactions and related services in accordance with the law; organizing the investigation and handling of violations of laws and regulations on pricing, unfair competition, illegal direct selling, pyramid schemes, infringements on the intellectual property rights of trademark patents, and production and sales of counterfeit products; participating in the formulation of commodity trading market development plans and establishing communication and collaboration mechanisms with relevant departments, regulating the order of commodity trading markets and farmer’s markets, and guiding the improvement and development of commodity trading markets and the transformation and upgrading of farmer's markets; guiding the development of the advertising industry and supervising and regulating advertising activities; guiding the investigation and handling of unauthorized production and operation and related unlicensed production and operation; guiding consumer rights protection and consumer environment improvement.

(7) Being responsible for macro quality regulation: formulating and implementing systems and measures for quality improvement; coordinating and promoting regional brand building, coordinating the construction and application of infrastructure related to quality, working with relevant departments to organize the implementation of quality supervision systems for major engineering facilities, organizing investigations into major quality accidents, uniformly implementing the defective product recall system, and regulating anti-counterfeiting work.

(8) Being responsible for the supervision and management of product quality and safety: managing product quality and safety risk monitoring, supervision and sampling test; organize the implementation of a quality scale system and a quality and safety tracing system; organizing the implementation of industrial product production license management; being responsible for fiber quality supervision.

(9) Being responsible for the safety regulation of special equipment: comprehensively regulating the safety inspection and supervision of special equipment, and supervising and inspecting the implementation of energy-saving standards for high-energy-consuming special equipment and boiler environmental protection standards.

(10) Being responsible for the comprehensive coordination of food safety supervision and management: organizing the formulation and implementation of major food safety policies; being responsible for the establishment of food safety emergency systems, organizing and guiding the emergency handling and investigation and handling of major food safety incidents; establishing and implementing a direct reporting system for important food safety information; undertaking the routine work of the Provincial Food Safety Committee.

(11) Being responsible for food safety supervision and management: establishing and implementing a supervision and inspection system and a hidden danger investigation and handling mechanism covering the entire process of food production, circulation, and consumption, and preventing regional and systemic food safety risks; promoting the implementation of the main responsibility mechanism for food producers and operators, and improving the food safety tracing system; carrying out food safety supervision and sampling, risk monitoring, verification and disposal, and risk early warning and communication; organizing the implementation special food registration, filing and supervision and regulation.

(12) Being responsible for unified regulation of measurement work: promoting legal measurement units and national measurement systems, and managing measurement instruments and measurement value transmission and comparison; standardizing and supervising commodity volume and market measurement.

(13) Being responsible for unified management of standardization: organizing, coordinating and guiding the promotion of standardization of various departments and industries; organizing the formulation of local standards in accordance with the law; supervising the implementation of standards in accordance with the law.

(14) Being responsible for unified management of inspection and testing: promoting the reform of inspection and testing institutions, standardizing the inspection and testing market, improving the inspection and testing system, and guiding and coordinating the development of the inspection and testing industry.

(15) Being responsible for unified management, supervision and comprehensive coordination of certification and accreditation: organizing the implementation of a unified supervision and management system for certification, accreditation and standard assessment.

(16) Being responsible for the supervision and management of intellectual property rights: formulating and implementing policies and plans for the creation, protection and application of intellectual property rights, building and improving the intellectual property protection system and the public service system, guiding the law enforcement on trademarks and patents, protecting intellectual property rights, and promoting the creation and application of intellectual property rights.

(17) Being responsible for technology and information construction, news and publicity, and exchanges and cooperation related to market regulation, and  undertaking the work related to technical trade measures in accordance with regulations.

(18) Managing Zhejiang Medical Products Administration.

(19) Completing other tasks assigned by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government.

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