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Zhejiang Supply and Marketing Cooperative
Date:2020-08-18 10:12

Institutional functions:

(1) Studying and formulating the development strategies and development plans of the supply and marketing cooperatives across the province, and guiding the reform and development of the supply and marketing cooperative system.

(2) Organizing and coordinating the supply of agricultural production materials and various services for agriculture, undertaking the reserve of important agricultural production materials and agricultural sideline products according to the authorization of the government, and timely regulating the market.

(3) Safeguarding the legal rights and interests of supply and marketing cooperatives at all levels and related enterprises and institutions, professional cooperative organizations, and all members.

(4) Coordinating relations with relevant departments, guiding the business activities of enterprises run by country people’s communes and grass-roots cooperatives, promoting the exchange of materials between urban and rural areas, and developing the rural markets.

(5) Publicizing and implementing the guidelines and policies on rural economy formulated by the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Provincial Party Committee, and the Provincial Government, participating in organizing and establishing various rural professional cooperatives and associations, improving the degree of organization of farmers, actively participating in the industrialization of agriculture, and promoting the development of agriculture with economic benefits.

(6) Performing the functions of the ownership representative and manager of the commune-owned assets at this level, being responsible for supervising the maintenance of and increase in the value of commune-owned assets, and supervising the affiliated enterprises.

(7) Managing public institutions including teaching institutions affiliated to the Provincial Supply and Marketing Cooperative.

(8) Participating in various activities organized by the superior federation on behalf of the federation at this level.

(9) Dealing with other matters assigned by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government.

Address: No.312 Yan'an Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Public phone number: 87078696

Complaint hotline: 87064780

Website address: gxs.zj.gov.cn

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