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Prison Administration of Zhejiang Province
Date:2020-08-17 10:39

Institutional functions:

The Prison Administration of Zhejiang Province is responsible for implementing policies and deployments on prison administration made by the Party Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee’s, and insists on and strengthens the Party’s centralized and unified leadership over prison management in the process of performing its duties. Its main responsibilities include:

(1) Implementing relevant laws, regulations, guidelines and policies for prison management, and drafting local laws and regulations related to prison management; formulating the mid and long-term development plans for prisons, being responsible for the implementation of prison setup and layout adjustment, and guiding the creation of modern civilized prisons.

(2) Being responsible for the supervision of prison law enforcement: organizing the implementation of prison penalty execution and rehabilitation of criminals, supervising and inspecting prison law enforcement, and maintaining the security and stability of supervision sites.

(3) Being responsible for prison administration management, detection in prison, life hygiene, supervision security precautions, and the management of guns and ammunition owned by the prison system of the province.

(4) Being responsible for the construction of the early warning mechanism for prison supervision security, and dealing with emergencies like various major supervision accidents and major cases.

(5) Being responsible for educating and reforming criminals in prison: guiding the mental, cultural, and technical education of criminals, guiding the quality evaluation, risk assessment, and psychological correction of criminal rehabilitation, and guiding socially-assisted education, warning education, and cultural construction in prisons.

(6) Being responsible for reforming criminals through labor in accordance with the law: formulating a reform system through labor for criminals and supervising its implementation.

(7) Leading and managing provincial enterprises affiliated to prisons: being responsible for the supervision and management of state-owned assets and natural resources of provincial prisons and their affiliated enterprises, and being responsible for the maintenance and increase of the value of state-owned assets and the work safety of provincial prisons.

(8) Being responsible for the basic construction, information construction, as well as work related to finance, materials, and internal audit of provincial prisons.

(9) Being responsible for the construction of the workforce of the civilian police  and the building of the Party working style and clean and honest administration in provincial prisons; guiding the construction of labor unions and Communist Youth League organizations, as well as the management of services for those retired in the provincial prison system.

(10) Being responsible for guiding the management of municipal prisons.

(11) Completing other tasks assigned by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government.


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