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Report on the Work of the Government 2020
Date:2020-07-09 16:58

Fellow Deputies,

On behalf of the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, I will now report to you on the work of the government. I ask for your deliberation and approval. I also ask members of the Provincial Committee of the CPPCC and those who are present for their comments.

I.     A review of our main work in 2019

2019 was the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. Over the past year, in the face of the complex situation of risks and challenges at home and abroad, under the firm leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government has adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New Era, fully implemented the guiding principles of the 19th National Congress of the Party and the second, third, and fourth plenary sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee, and resolutely carried out General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions for the work of Zhejiang. We adhered to the general keynote of seeking progress in stability, the supply side structural reform as the main line, the deepening of the "double-eight strategy", and restarting of reform and opening up. We conscientiously implemented the decisions of the Provincial Party Committee and the resolutions of the 2nd Session of the 13th Provincial People's Congress, and thoroughly carried out the ten action plans for enriching the people and strengthening the province with highlight on stabilizing enterprises, increasing momentum, and ensuring safety. We focused on high-quality development, competitiveness and modernization, and did a good job of service to ensure stability in six aspects. We have successfully completed the ten tasks concerning people's livelihood set at the beginning of the year, and our economic and social development has reached a new level, with new progress made in the "two high-level" advancement. The province's GDP is expected to have exceeded 6 trillion yuan, an increase of 6.8%, general public budget revenue to have increased by 6.8%, and urban and rural residents' income to have increased by 8.3% and 9.4%, respectively. The successful addition of the Liangzhu Site to the World Heritage List has further increased the popularity of Zhejiang.

1.       Focusing on stabilizing enterprises and growth

The private economy continued to develop healthily. We further implemented the spirit of the important speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the private enterprise meeting, deepened the selection of cyberspace works of positive energy, and established a sound and stable enterprise risk prevention mechanism. With our smooth financing project, the balance of loans for private enterprises and the balance of loans for small and micro enterprises increased by 10.6% and 13.6%, respectively, and the financing difficulties for private enterprises were effectively eased. We implemented 31 policies to promote the high-quality development of private enterprises, and the added value of the private economy increased by 9% and exports increased by 10%.

The new round of tax and fee cuts achieved remarkable results. We fully implemented policy measures such as a reduction in the value-added tax rate, inclusive tax relief for small and micro enterprises and technology start-ups, the return of social insurance premiums for difficult enterprises, and reductions in electricity and gas prices. We reduced the burden of 228 billion yuan for enterprises throughout the year, and basically completed the work of clearing debts, and the debt clearing rate ranked the first in the country.

Effective investment grew rapidly. We deeply implemented a new investment policy, with fixed asset investment increasing by 10.1%, transportation investment, high-tech industry investment, and private project investment increasing by 16.3%, 21.8%, and 13.7%, respectively.335 projects initiated by governors, mayors and county heads were started, with a construction rate of 68.4%.

Foreign investment and foreign trade increased steadily. We actively responded to economic and trade frictions with quick action, issued and implemented 20 policies and measures to stabilize foreign trade, and established an "order + list" monitoring and early warning system. We issued policies to expand imports and actively participated in the second Import Expo. The total value of imports and exports is expected to have exceeded 3 trillion yuan, of which exports increased by 8.5% and our national share increased from 12.9% at the beginning of the year to 13.3%. The actual use of foreign capital was 13.4 billion US dollars, an increase of 7%.

Consumption increased in stability. Total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 8.6%, online retail sales increased by 18.1%, and cross-border retail sales increased by 35.3%.The total turnover of Tmall's "Double 11 Day" was 268.4 billion yuan. Cross-border e-commerce transactions in Hangzhou, Ningbo, and Yiwu increased by 45.3%, 41.6%, and 28.3%, respectively. Wenzhou and Shaoxing were approved as cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test zones. We hatched 27,900 reliable demonstrative consumption units, 14,300 non-reasonable return commitment units, and 382 reliable farm produce markets in urban and rural areas.

2.       Focusing on the three major battles

Effective prevention and control of major risks. We proactively responded to difficulties and risks as our first priority and improved the financial risk monitoring and prevention system and the market-based mechanism for breach of contract. We steadily resolved liquidity risks of some private enterprises, "two chains" risks, illegal online borrowing risks, and equity pledge risks of some listed companies, and steadily resolved hidden government debt risks. The NPL ratio dropped to 0.91%, with the overall financial risks controllable.

Targeted poverty alleviation was effective. The income of low-income farmers increased by 13%; the lowest insurance standard reached the same in urban and rural areas, and the minimum living standard reached 7980 yuan a person per year. Poverty caused by illness was included in the scope of social assistance, and villages with weak collective economy were basically eliminated.340 projects of mountain-island collaboration were signed with a total investment of 45 billion yuan. Good results were also achieved in poverty alleviation cooperation, counterpart support, and counterpart cooperation between the eastern and the western areas of China.

Pollution control achieved remarkable results. We did well in rectifying the problems found by the Central Environmental Inspection Group, the National Marine Inspection Group and the Environmental Inspection Group of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and was accepted as a national ecological pilot province for the first time. The average concentration of PM2.5 in urban area was 31 micrograms per cubic meter, which meets the national secondary standard. In provincial-controlled sections, water quality of Class I-III accounted for 91%, the water quality of the outgoing sections of the core area of the Greater Garden and key ecological function areas all met the standards, and 96.7% of the water quality in centralized drinking water sources above the county level reached the standard. Automatic online monitoring of sewage outfalls achieves full coverage. With the setup of Chun’an Special Ecological Function Zone, the lakeside area of the Qiandao Lake was improved comprehensively. We actively promoted the restoration of key polluted plots, the control of heavy metal pollution, and the "garbage revolution", with an additional 837,000 tons of hazardous waste disposal capacity per year. We successfully hosted the home event of World Environment Day, and "Ant Forest" was awarded Champion of the Earth by the United Nations.

3.       Focusing on innovation and momentum

Solidly promote sci-tech policies and talent policies. R&D investment increased by 14%, with 4,700 high-tech enterprises and 11,000 technology-based medium, small and micro enterprises sprung up. As upper gravity centrifugal simulation and experiment device was under construction, which aims at the research of 270 key items of technology. The construction of Zhijiang Laboratory achieved remarkable results. The National "Double Innovation" Week we hosted was a great success. China (Zhejiang) Intellectual Property Protection Center was completed and put into use, with 34,000 new invention patents. There are 7 new academicians from the two academies. All 11 cities realized net inflow of talents.

The transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry obviously accelerated. We implemented a three-year operation to improve the quality of block economy, and established 565 new "Made in Zhejiang" standards, 345 new “famous brand" enterprises, and a "1+N" industrial Internet platform, with 60,000 new cloud enterprises and 89,000 industrial robots in service. We nurtured 53 provincial-level innovation service complexes, and 204 new parks for small and micro enterprise. 1,755 enterprises with backward production capacity were knocked out and 26,701 enterprises of "low production capacity" were renovated. The added value of enterprises above designated size increased 6.5%.

The digital economy is gaining momentum. The added value of the core industries of the digital economy increased by 15%, accounting for 10% of the regional GDP. We took the lead in launching 5G commercial use, and built 15770 5G base stations. China’s first new-type Internet exchange center was piloted in Zhejiang, and a national digital economy innovation pilot zone was also approved to settle here.

Market players continued to upgrade. Five companies including Alibaba, Geely, Commodities, Qingshan and Hailiang were shortlisted in the world's top 500. 47 companies were newly listed in domestic and overseas market, of which 8 were listed on the Science and Technology Board, and the total number of listed companies reached 578. A total of 82 invisible champions and singles champions were newly cultivated, and 68 new enterprises were hatched in Operation Eagle.

4.       Focusing on deepening reform and opening up

The "maximum one visit service procedure" reform was promoted in depth. We fully implemented the “10+N” action for optimization of business environment, and41 personal and enterprise life-cycle matters could be handled in one process. 80.5% of government service matters could be handled on mobile applications, 97.4% of the matters could be handled without going outdoors, and 91.4% of the matters concerning people’s livelihood could be handled with one certificate. The start-up of an enterprise could be completed in one day, and the general enterprise investment project can be approved “up to 90 days” before completion and acceptance.“Maximum one visit” service procedure reform was also promoted within the government organizations. Reforms were further implemented in inclusive finance, tax collection and management, land expropriation, public institutions, and state-owned enterprises, and the vitality of the whole society further burst out. Actively promoting the "credit +" applications, we set up a unified public credit information platform and an administrative law enforcement supervision platform across the province, and took the lead in "Internet + supervision" in the whole country.

“Mu-based” evaluation reform continued to go deeper. We fully carried out the mu-based evaluation system for average profit, with the per-mu average tax revenue reaching 305,000 yuan for enterprises above the designated size, an increase of 8.9%, and the per-mu average added value reaching 1.22 million yuan, an increase of 16.5%. 11,453 low-efficient enterprises with the per-mu tax revenue under 10,000 yuan were updated.

Opening up to the outside was further expanded. Exports to countries along the “Belt and Road” initiative are expected to have increased by 11%. The Ningbo “Belt and Road” Comprehensive Pilot Zone, the 17+1 Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone and the Yiwu International Trade Comprehensive Reform Pilot Zone were steadily promoted. The construction of the Czech Station, Dubai Station and 12 overseas economic and trade cooperation zones progressed steadily, with 528 trains running along the Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe Railway, an increase of 65%. The World Internet Conference, the World Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Convention, the World Petroleum Entrepreneurs Conference, and the World Young Scientist Summit were successfully held in Zhejiang, and the China-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo was upgraded to a national exhibition.

5.       Focus on implementing national strategic initiatives

Being the first to implement the national strategy for the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region. We were the first to compile and implement the action plan for promoting the regional integration development of the Yangtze River Delta, launch the construction of a demonstration zone of ecological integrated development, and pragmatically promote cooperation in key areas and major projects.

Innovative development of China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Zhejiang Petrochemical Phase I project was completed and put into production, with our oil and gas reserve capacity reaching 31 million cubic meters, and the supply of bonded fuel oil exceeding 4 million tons. We pioneered the cross-border RMB settlement in oil trade, with a settlement amount of 95.8 billion yuan.

New progress made in constructing a demonstration zone for marine economic development. We fully promoted the construction of Zhoushan River-Sea Intermodal Service Center and accelerated the development of the Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Port Industrial Belt, with Ningbo Zhoushan Port ranking first in the world in terms of cargo throughput for 11 consecutive years. The added value of the marine economy increased by 10%.

6.       Focusing on the construction of the "Four Greater" projects

The construction of the Greater Bay Area was significantly accelerated. A number of powerful platforms were under construction, such as Hangzhou Qiantang New District, Ningbo Qianwan New District, Shaoxing Binhai New District, and Huzhou South Taihu New District, and the construction of the first group of 7 new industrial platforms was all launched.

The construction of the Greater Garden was in full swing. We implemented the development plan of the poetry road cultural belt, promoted the construction of the Tang Dynasty Poetry Road, Qiantangjiang Poetry Road, Oujiang Landscape Poetry Road, and the Grand Canal (Zhejiang) Cultural Belt, and planned to build ten mountain parks and ten island parks, to make the influence of "Picturesque Zhejiang" constantly expanding.

The construction of the Greater Channel was fully accelerated. With the completion of Hangzhou South Railway Station, the second phase of the northern connection of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge and the double line of the Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Coastal Expressway were also opened to traffic as scheduled.103.6 kilometers of subway was completed. Toll stations at provincial borders on expressways were completely removed. The third phase of Ningbo Airport was put into operation. Passenger traffic at Xiaoshan International Airport exceeded 40 million.

The energy level of the Greater Metropolitan Areas was quickly raised. A number of landmark projects were under construction. The construction of Hangzhou-Shaoxing-Ningbo Integrated Demonstration Zone was accelerated, which would promote the integrated development of Ningbo-Zhoushan and Jiaxing-Huzhou. The first group of 24 future communities were set up as pilots, and the renovation of old urban communities was included in the national pilot, with 150 million square meters transformed and 130 million square meters demolished. Small town environment was comprehensively improved, and 30 traditional development zones (parks) were upgraded. Longgang was turned into a city from a town.

7.       Focusing on the strategy of rural revitalization

Rural reforms were deepened in all respects. We deepened the rural property right registration reform, and solidly promoted the entry of funds into villages, the entry of science and technology into villages, and the return of young people and rural talents into villages. We established 10 pilot counties, 6 demonstration towns and 61 demonstration villages to build a rural governance system and strengthen the construction of ethnic villages. By high standards, we built modern agricultural parks and grain production functional areas, increased the supply of high-quality green agricultural products, and created ecological brands such as Lishui Mountain Farming, Sanquwei, and Jingning 600. We maintained supply and stabilized prices in the pork market, strengthened the construction of digital villages and built a total of 1,720 e-commerce villages.

Beautiful countryside in the new era fully achieved. A total of 3,018 scenic villages above Class A were newly rated, of which 429 were Class 3A,and 7 new historical and cultural towns and 16 famous villages were labeled.11.4 million mu of land was improved and ecologically restored in rural areas.76% of the villages were covered for household waste classification and processing, 40% of rural household waste were recycled, and85% of the resources were utilized. A total of 12,000 kilometers of rural roads were newly built and renovated, and 24 million precious trees were planted. An additional 5.22 million rural population had access to up-to-standard drinking water.

8.       Focusing on the construction of cultural Zhejiang

Spiritual civilization was steadily promoted. We carried out patriotism education in the new era in an all-round way, and vigorously promoted the spirit of the Red Boat and the spirit of Zhejiang. We further promoted the construction of a national pilot of the Civilization Center for the New Era, and the creation of civilized cities. The “most beautiful Zhejiang people” were made widely known, and 8 representatives were selected as the “most beautiful striver”.

Cultural undertakings were developed rapidly. We achieved standardization and equalization of public cultural services in 107 key towns and 1,228 weak villages. A total of 3282 new rural cultural auditoriums were built, and 50 new key sites of cultural relics under national-level protection were established. County-level convergence media center achieved full coverage. Zhijiang Cultural Center was under rapid construction. 25,000 operas were performed for the villagers and 3.45 million copies of books were sent to them.

The quality and efficiency of cultural industry were further improved. We solidly promoted the construction of the Zhijiang Cultural Belt. Four enterprises were ranked among the "Top 30 National Cultural Enterprises", and three enterprises become national demonstration bases for the integration of culture and technology. A national short video base was settled in Hangzhou. As we strengthened the integrated development of culture and tourism, and accelerated the construction of a national tourism demonstration province, we saw the added value of the cultural industry reaching 460 billion yuan, an increase of 10%.

9.       Focusing on improving people's livelihood

Education, medical care, and sports continued to develop. We held high-end provincial education conferences to make up educational shortcomings. We regulated the behavior of private schools in accordance with the law. We carried out pilot programs for infants and young children under 3 years of age, implemented after-school care in elementary schools, and prevented myopia among young people, and the coverage rate of inclusive kindergartens reached 90%. 1,458 primary and secondary schools became partners for "Internet + compulsory education". The country's first group of regional medical centers settled in Zhejiang. We set out to establish an “Internet + Medical Health” demonstration province, and accelerated promotion of smart medical projects such as “face-recognition medical treatment” and “pay-after-medical treatment”. We established 161 county-level medical communities and an outpatient guarantee system for chronic diseases covering urban and rural residents across the province. With nationwide fitness activities getting on passionately, our preparations for the Hangzhou Asian Games and Asian Para Games were proceeding in an orderly manner. At the National Games for the Disabled, we won "double first" in the number of gold medals and the total number of medals.

Employment, pension, social security, housing and other security capabilities kept improved. We strengthened employment services, launched employment and entrepreneurship promotion projects, supported employment for key groups, improved the placement mechanism for public welfare posts, and implemented youth employment operations. A total of 1.257 million people were employed in urban areas, including 454,000 reemployed people, and the unemployment rate was 4.3% in urban surveys. We successfully hosted the National Vocational Skill Competition for Disabled People and achieved excellent results. We built 387 township home care service centers, with 37,000 institutional care beds newly provided. A total of 54.61 million people participated in basic medical insurance, and 42.3 million in basic pension insurance.222,000 houses and apartments in former shantytowns were constructed, with 119,500 completed, finishing the three-year tough task of national shed reform in advance. Acomprehensive service support system was built for retired soldiers.

Peaceful society was solidly promoted. We improved our ways of dealing with complaints, carried out activities to learn from the "Fengqiao Police Station", improved the four platforms of grassroots governance, and solidly promoted the construction of social conflict mediation centers. As a result, the complaints dropped by 10.4% in the whole province. We further carried out the special campaign against gang crimes, cracked down on "trap loans," and eliminated 1,040 evil gangs. We went all out to fight against the super strong typhoon "Lekima", and did our best in disaster relief, post-disaster reconstruction and disaster prevention and mitigation.18,300 dilapidated houses were renovated in rural areas. With a three-year operation for production safety and a three-year campaign against fire risks and hazards, the number of production accidents fell by 35.7%, with death toll reduced by 34.2%; the number of fire accidents fell by 25%, with death toll reduced by 23.3%; road traffic accidents fell by 12.2%, with death toll reduced by 15.8%. People’s satisfaction rate in the sense of security reached 97.1%.

10.   Focus on improving the government's ability to perform its duties

With strengthened political consciousness and confidence, we carried out high-standard education on the theme of "remaining true to our original inspiration without forgetting our mission". We fully implemented the government's administrative action plan, and earnestly handled the proposals of NPC deputies and CPPCC members. With breakthrough in government's digital transformation, we accelerated the application of mobile office and online office, with more than 30 million users of Zheliban and 1.23 million users of Zhezhengding. Aiming at a law-based government, we were the first to have administrative review agencies and administrative dispute mediation centers covering three levels of administration: provinces, cities and counties, and innovated the "Internet + law enforcement" mechanism. We spared no efforts to reduce the burdens of the grassroots, and strictly implemented the 20 measures of burden reduction on the grassroots level, reducing 41.8% of meetings and 35.6% of documents. We improved the mechanism of centralized financial resources for major affairs, and reduced general expenditure by 6.9%.

Fellow delegates, our achievements in 2019 did not come easily. This is the result of the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, the result of the correct leadership and scientific decision-making of the Provincial Party Committee, and the result of the hard work of the cadres and the people all over the province. Here, on behalf of the Provincial People's Government, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the people of the province, the socialist builders, the people's congress representatives, members of the CPPCC, democratic parties, the Federation of Industry and Commerce, people's organizations and people from all walks of life! My heartfelt thanks also go to the Zhejiang-based Central Government units, the Zhejiang-based People's Liberation Army, officers and soldiers of the armed police forces, police officers, firefighters and rescue teams! To Hong Kong and Macao compatriots, Taiwan compatriots, overseas Chinese and friends at home and abroad, for their concern and support for the development of Zhejiang!

We also clearly see that there are still many contradictions and problems in the economic and social development of our province. With increased difficulties in the real economy, financial risks still exist, and downward pressure on the economy has also increased. Technological innovation and talent support capabilities need to be improved, and structural and institutional contradictions that restrict high-quality development still need to be resolved vigorously. With many shortcomings in people's livelihood, the people are still dissatisfied with education, medical care, old-age care, child care, and ecological environment, and the prices of pork and other foods have risen too fast. There are still many hidden dangers and risks. Production accidents occur in some industries and fields from time to time. Some regions and river basins have insufficient flood control and drainage capacity. The emergency system and emergency capacity still needs to be strengthened. At the same time, there are still a small number of government workers evading responsibilities, pointless formalities and bureaucracy still occur from time to time, and the task of improving Party conduct and upholding integrity is still arduous, so is the task of anti-corruption. We must attach great importance to these problems and take effective measures to solve them.

II. Targets and priorities in 2020

2020 is the closing year for building a high-level comprehensive well-off society and the "13th Five-Year Plan". The overall requirements are as follows: Hold high the great banner of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era; implement in full the guiding principles of the Party’s 19th National Congress and the second, third, and fourth plenary sessions of its 19th Central Committee and the guiding principles of the  strengthen our consciousness of the needCentral Economic Working Conference; to maintain political integrity, think in big-picture terms, follow the leadership core, and keep in alignment with the central Party leadership; stay confident in the path, theory, system, and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics; and uphold General Secretary Xi Jinping’s core position on the Party Central Committee and in the Party as a whole, and uphold the Party Central Committee’s authority and its centralized, unified leadership; always keep in mind and practice the new expectations that General Secretary Xi Jinping has placed on Zhejiang; bear in mind our task of building a high-level well-off society in an all-round way, adhere to the overall tone of progress in stability, to the new development concept, to the supply-side structural reform as the main line, to the further implementation of "double-eight strategy" and policies of reform and opening up, and to the national strategy of the Yangtze River Delta integrated development; continue to stabilize the enterprise, increase momentum, make up for shortcomings, and ensure safety; promote the stable development of the economy and society, and ensure a successful completion of building a high level well-off society and the "13th Five-Year Plan", so that it can be accepted by the people and can withstand historical test.

It is suggested that the main expected goals of the province's economic and social development in 2020 are as follows: Gross output value to be increased by 6%-6.5%, the faster the better with high quality; urban surveyed unemployment rate to be controlled at about 5%; effective investment, general public budget income, and urban and rural residents' income growth are to be basically synchronized with economic growth; steadily increase the labor productivity of all employees, and fulfill the planned targets set by the state in the energy and environmental indicators.

In specific work, we should take the "double eight strategy" as our general guidance, and focus on stability, progress, quality, and thrift. We should further carry out the "three-sphere service" activities, comprehensively promote the ten major action plans to enrich the people and strengthen the province, implement a batch of major reforms, major projects, major platforms, and major policies that affect the whole situation. We should focus on high-quality development, competitiveness and modernization, and make greater contributions to the overall development of the country. First, we must accumulate power for development. We must vigorously develop the digital economy, and innovate mechanisms to expand domestic demand. We must seize the new historic opportunities for regional coordinated development, fully implement the eight-character policy and do a solid job in stability, so as to achieve high-quality development. We must improve the counter-cyclical adjustment mechanism, focus on projects, investment, markets, and consumption, and promote resource elements to be used in advantageous areas, so as to build a modern economic system and ensure stable and sustainable economic development. Second, we must empower the enterprises. We must serve enterprises with great meticulousness, empower them with confidence, innovation and financial support, be creative in policy supply and system supply, and enhance their innovation ability and core competitiveness. We must vigorously promote the spirit of Zhejiang entrepreneurs in the new era, attach great importance to private enterprises, and create a market-oriented and rule-of-law international business environment. Third, we must contribute to the building of a well-off society. We must resolutely win the three major battles: increasing the income of low-income people, pollution prevention, and financial risk control. We must do our best to handle the "key trivial matters" that people care about, make every effort to make up for our shortcomings, and solidly promote beautification of rural areas in the new era, so as to ensure the construction of a high-level well-off society. Fourth, we must improve efficiency for governance. Guided by digital transformation, we must make good use of the ten measures of provincial governance modernization, give full play to institutional advantages, and improve governance capabilities. We must apply the concept and practice of the "maximum one visit service procedure" reform to all aspects, and take on our responsibilities as a responsible government to benefit the market, the enterprise, the society and the people.

Based on the above requirements, we will focus on the following nine key tasks:

1.       Make every effort to stabilize enterprises and economic growth

Take targeted measures to serve enterprises. We must revitalize enterprises, consolidate and expand the effectiveness of tax and fee reductions, formulate and implement a number of new measures for cost and burden reduction, reduce the cost of electricity, gas and logistics for enterprises, and improve the efficiency of "one-stop" mobile service platforms. We must create a better development environment for private enterprises, implement regulations to promotethe development of private enterprises, and protect the legal property of private enterprises and entrepreneurs, so as to help them grow bigger and stronger. We must take demonstrative actions for environmental protection service to improve law enforcement in the protection of ecological environment.

Further smooth the way for financing. We should further promote Wenzhou financial reform, Taizhou small and micro financial reform, Ningbo inclusive financial reform and the green financial reform of Huzhou and Quzhou. We should guide financial institutions to expand their service to small enterprises, build a financial technology platform of the regional supply chain covering the whole province, and improve the service capabilities of guarantee platforms at all levels. We should increase medium and long-term financing in the manufacturing industry, so as to better ease the financing difficulties of private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Increase efforts to prevent and control financial risks. We should strengthen the coordination between provinces, cities and counties, inter-departmental collaboration, and government-bank-enterprise linkage, prevent and solve corporate debt risks, make good use of supporting tools for private enterprise bond financing, and strengthen government policy relief. We should accelerate the transformation of local financing platform companies and steadily resolve the hidden debt risks of local governments.

Expand effective investment. We should further implement projects initiated by the provincial governor, city mayors and county heads, vigorously encourage the return of Zhejiang entrepreneurs, and promote the coordinated growth of private capital, state-owned assets, central enterprise investment, and foreign investment. We should give better play to the guiding role of government industrial funds, improve the reform of the investment and financing system, and guide social funds to invest in fields such as advanced manufacturing, people’s livelihood, and infrastructure to achieve a multiplier effect. We should vigorously implement the six “one-hundred-million” industrial investment projects, and, focusing on high-end manufacturing and high-tech industries, carry out a number of major industrial projects such as digital economy, high-end equipment, biomedicine, and new materials. We should accelerate the advancement of major energy projects such as the first phase of the Sanao Nuclear Plant, and increase efforts to deal with issues of sea reclamation left over by history.

Make every effort to stabilize foreign trade and foreign investment. We should fully implement the policy of stabilizing foreign trade, enhance the "order + list" monitoring and early warning system, expand diversified markets, and foster new growth points in foreign trade. We should open up the emerging markets along the “Belt and Road” initiative, establish national-level new-style demonstration zones of foreign trade, and vigorously develop service trade. We should fully implement the Foreign Investment Law, carry out the strategy of expanding imports, and make great efforts to introduce advantageous foreign investment projects. We should actively undertake the spillover effect of the Import Expo, strengthen the construction of 12 demonstration zones for overseas economic and trade cooperation, and accelerate the construction of overseas industrial cooperation parks to create a high-end foreign capital gathering place.

Expand consumer demand. We should comprehensively enhance the innovation capabilities of the service industry, and promote the productive service industry to extend to specialization and high-end value chain, and the life service industry to upgrade to high quality and diversity. We should formulate and implement new service actions for digital life, and promote the digitization of life service industry, traditional retail enterprises, and the night economy, as well as the digital transformation of blocks (commercial circles).We should accelerate the construction of national-level pedestrian streets, stimulate new consumption with new services, and accelerate the construction of a modern consumption system, so as to become a center city of international consumption. We should further carry out trustworthy consumption actions, improve the commercial layout of urban communities, and turn Yiwu and Qingtian into a “Global Supermarket" and a "Shopping Paradise".

III. Jointly empowering the province through innovation and promoting the high-quality development of manufacturing

We will accelerate the improvement of the competitiveness of manufacturing. We will implement the industrial chain collaborative innovation, to shape 10 characteristic industrial chains, to implement 60 industrial chain collaborative innovation projects, to build 18 provincial manufacturing innovation centers, and to create100 communities of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain. We will cultivate and develop a batch of internationally competitive advanced manufacturing clusters such as digital security, automobiles and parts, green petrochemicals, and modern textiles. We will create a hydrogen energy industry innovation research institute to vigorously develop the hydrogen energy industry. We will accelerate the development of the military-civilian integration industry. We will promote the “Double Hundred Billion” projects of county-level characteristic economy and the promotion of regional characteristic economy, build high-level industrial innovation service complexes, and add 200 small and micro enterprise parks. We will plan to implement the traditional manufacturing transformation and upgrading version 2.0, implement intelligent technology transformation actions, and strive to exceed 100,000 industrial robots in service. We will eliminate the backward production capacity of 1,000 enterprises and rectify 10,000 enterprises which fail to reach industry standards. We will strengthen the promotion and application of the first set, by authenticating 200 additional items of provincial first-set products, and by adding a batch of first-batch new materials, first-edition software, and quality products made in Zhejiang. We will deeply implement the action plans designed to strongly support the listing of science and technology enterprises, and to promote the pilot reform of the regional equity market reform. We will cultivate 30 additional eagle enterprises, add 50 invisible champion enterprises, and cultivate and empower a group of unicorn enterprises. We will promote the modernization of the construction industry, with prefabricated buildings accounting for 30% of new buildings.

We will go all out to promote the “No. 1 Project” of the digital economy. We will deeply implement the five-year multiplication plan for digital economy, to vigorously build a national digital economy innovation and development pilot zone, and to strive to increase the added value of the digital economy core industries by 15%. We will accelerate the cultivation of digital industry clusters, actively develop platform economy, sharing economy, experience economy and express delivery economy, and accelerate the digital transformation of various industries and fields. We will fully implement landmark projects such as the city brain, the electronic invoice, and mobile payment, empower the integrated circuit and software industries, plan in advance the future industries such as quantum information, brain-like chips, third-generation semiconductors, and a new generation of artificial intelligence, and accelerate the construction of Shaoxing National Integrated Circuit Industry Innovation Center. We will accelerate the building of the “1+N” industrial Internet platform system, to connect 50 million sets of industrial equipment, and to serve more than 100,000 industrial enterprises. We will build 50,000 5G base stations to achieve full coverage above the county level. We will accelerate the construction of digital economy platforms such as software cities, and innovation and development pilot zones for a new generation of artificial intelligence.

We will basically manage to build an innovative province. We will accelerate the construction of “Internet +” life and health technology innovation highlands, and plan to build new materials technology innovation highlands. We will focus on promoting the clustering of platforms, talents, policies, and factors, and the institutional innovation for West Hangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, to create an innovation source that faces the world, takes the lead in the future, and radiates to the whole province. We will promote the construction of Hangzhou, Ningbo and Wenzhou National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zones and G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, Ningbo Yongjiang Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, and Wenzhou Daluoshan Science and Technology Innovation Corridor. We will support Zhijiang Laboratory to strive for a national laboratory, and lay out the first batch of 2 to 3 provincial laboratories. We will give full play to the leading role of Zhejiang University and West Lake University, and support the construction of new-type research and development institutions by Ningbo Institute of Materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Oncology and Basic Medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute. We will accelerate the construction of China-France Aviation University, Beihang University. We will support the R&D institutions, such as the Ali Dharma Institute, to grab the commanding heights of technological innovation. We will carry out four major plans for leading scientific and technological innovation. We will innovate the transformation mechanism of scientific and technological achievements, improve the large-scale science and technology market system with the annual technology transaction volume reaching 80 billion yuan, and promote the industrialization of 2,000 authorized invention patents. We will build Zhejiang Intellectual Property Trading Center, to build a powerful intellectual property province. We will implement in depth the “double doubling” plan, to add 4,000 high-tech enterprises and 10000 technology-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises. We will accelerate the drive of empowering the province with talents, by vigorously implementing the Kunpeng action and the technology innovation talents promotion plan, and by introducing 20 new leading innovation and entrepreneurship teams, to create a province with the optimal talent ecology.

IV. Promoting the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta with four major constructions

We will accelerate the promotion of major landmark projects in the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta. We will jointly promote the construction of the Yangtze River Delta ecological integrated development demonstration zone, deepen the comprehensive development of the Xiaoyang Mountain area, promote Yangtze River Delta Joint Innovation Base, Digital Yangtze River Delta, the inter-city rails connecting city clusters, and other major landmark projects, and collaboratively promote the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta ports to create a world-class port group. We will highlight the dominance of the government and the market players of enterprises, and plan to implement the Ningbo Qianwan Shanghai-Zhejiang Cooperative Development Zone and the Bridgehead for fully integrating Jiaxing and Shanghai. We will promote the joint construction of the Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Anhui Industrial Cooperation Zone and the Pinghu-Jinshan Industry-City Integrated Development Zone, and promote the coordinated development of adjacent areas between provinces.

We will deeply promote the construction of the Greater Bay Area. We will accelerate the construction of the “Three Corridors and Four New Areas”, highlight the role of the core area of the Hangzhou Bay Economic Zone, promote the accelerated development of the Hangzhou Bay city cluster, solidly promote the construction of landmark projects in the Greater Bay Area, and accelerate the construction of new industrial platforms “covering an area of 10000 mu and producing an output of 100 billion yuan”. We will plan to build a global ocean center city, deeply promote the construction of the Zhoushan Islands New Area and the development demonstration zone of marine economy, build the Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Port Industrial Belt, and strive to increase the added value of the marine economy by more than 8%.

We will accelerate the construction of the Grand Garden of “Poetic and Picturesque Zhejiang”. We will promote the construction of Quzhou and Lishui Grand Garden core areas, build 30 additional grand garden demonstration counties (cities, districts), promote the construction of ten million core scenic spots along the “Four Poetic Roads”, accelerate the construction of ten famous mountain parks and ten island parks, orderly promote the ticket price reduction at scenic spots, and create a national model tourism province.

We will fully promote the construction of grand throughway. We will focus on the goal of the “three 1-hour” traffic circle, to build a high-standard transportation province. We will promote the improvement of the aspects of weakness in infrastructure, and speed up the preliminary work of Hangzhou-Lishui Railway, Nantong-Suzhou-Jiaxing-Ningbo Railway, Shanghai-Suzhou-Huzhou Railway, Shanghai-Jiaxing Port Area-Hangzhou Railway, Suzhou-Taizhou Expressway, Huzhou-Hangzhou Expressway, Ruian-Cangnan Expressway, and so on. We will promote the construction of high-speed rail gateways, and comprehensively promote the construction of WestHangzhou RailwayStation, the comprehensive transportation hub of Xiaoshan International Airport, Hangzhou-Shaoxing-Ningbo Smart Expressway, Hangzhou-Shaoxing-Taizhou Railway, Hangzhou-Wenzhou Railway, and other projects. We will accelerate the progress of the widening of Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou Expressway, Shanghai-Jiaxing-Ningbo Railway, Jinhua-Ningbo Railway, Jinhua-Jiande Railway, Hangzhou-Quzhou Railway, Quzhou-Lishui Railway, Wenzhou-Wuyishan-Ji’an Railway, Ningbo-Zhoushan Railway and other projects. We will complete Shangqiu-Hefei-Hangzhou Railway, Jinhua-Taizhou Railway, Hangzhou-Shaoxing-Taizhou Expressway, Wencheng-Taishun Section of Longyou-Lishui-Wenzhou Expressway, Jiande-Jinhua Section of Lin’an-Jinhua Expressway, Qiandaohu-Huangshan Expressway, the widening of Hangzhou-Nanjing Expressway, and other projects. We will realize “Expressway Access in Every County” in the land areas.

We will effectively improve the energy level of metropolitan areas. We will deepen the construction of the four metropolitan areas of Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, and Jinhua-Yiwu, and explore the establishment of a mechanism for linking the allocation of public resources to the size of the permanent population. We will start to implement landmark projects such as the development of new cities at transportation nodes, the improvement of high-quality pedestrian streets, the shaping of urban balcony landscapes, and sponge cities. We will start to implement the integration of Hangzhou-Shaoxing-Ningbo, Bingbo-Zhoushan, Jiaxing-Huzhou, and Quzhou-Lishui garden city agglomerations, and accelerate the urban integration of city agglomerations.

We will promote the construction of characteristic towns and future communities. We will make every effort to build version 2.0 of characteristic towns and build a number of demonstration characteristic towns. We will innovate the construction and operation model, strengthen the organic renewal of cities and the renovation and upgrading of stock housing, deepen the “three types of renovation and one type of demolition”, promote the expansion of future communities, cultivate 60 provincial pilot areas, transform 500 old urban communities, and create functional units of new-type cities for a better life.

V. Resolutely deepening reform and expanding opening up

We will polish the golden business card of the “Maximum One Visit Service” reform. We will focus on goal integration, policy integration, and effect integration, deepen the reform of “decentralization management”, and continue to advance the maximum one visit service in the entire process of “one matter” throughout the life cycle of individuals and enterprises. We will promote the full coverage of the reform of “separation of licenses and certificates”. We will promote the “up to 80 days” reform for the approval of the completion acceptance of average enterprise investment projects, carry out the “up to 20 working days” pilot drive for low-risk small-scale projects, and improve the functions of the online platforms for investment projects and the management systems for the approval of construction projects. We will start the construction of engineering cloud. We will deepen the “Maximum One Visit Service” reform within the government organizations, and fully implement the “one matter” reform of civil servant career management. We will promote the realization of “acceptance at one window, all services through one network” for more than 90% of non-confidential matters within government organizations.

We will improve the high-quality development systems and mechanisms. We will deepen the reform of output per mu, and guide resource elements to accumulate in advantageous regions, advantageous industries, and advantageous enterprises. We will deepen the reform of the standard land system, fully implement this system in the newly approved industrial land, and promote the application of standard land maps. We will implement public credit projects in an all-round way, enhance the function of the provincial integrated public credit information platform, promote the coordinated application of public credit information, and improve the mechanisms for joint incentives for trustworthiness and joint punishments for not being trustworthy. We will complete the reform of public institutions. We will deeply implement the “1+6” action for the reform of state-owned enterprises. We will deepen the reform of the natural gas pipeline network system. We will carry out pilot reforms of county economic governance. We will comprehensively promote the “multiple regulations in one” reform to improve the provincial national territory governance capabilities.

We will comprehensively integrate various development zones (parks) and industrial clusters. We will vigorously promote the integration of platforms, the agglomeration of elements, the streamlining of institutions, and the optimization of functions in development zones (parks) and industrial clusters. We will promote the creation of characteristic towns, implement competitive and differentiated policy supply, build 20 high-energy platforms, and create a batch of high-quality development demonstration parks for manufacturing.

We will promote the innovation and development of China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone. We will complete the task of three-year pilot reform with high quality. We will strive to build a demonstration zone for the internationalization of renminbi in cross-border trade in bulk commodities. We will accelerate the construction of the entire oil and gas industry chain, through ensuring the stable operation of the first phase of Zhejiang Petrochemical and the accelerated construction of the second phase. We will actively promote the reform of the expansion of the free trade zone. We will strengthen the linkage with the new port area of Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, accelerate the construction of collaborative innovation zones in this province, and plan to build a free trade port.

We will create the “Belt and Road” hub. We will vigorously promote the construction of Yiwu-Ningbo-Zhoushan open throughway, and deepen the linkage of the “Four Ports”. We will support Hangzhou and Ningbo to strive for a national development platform for the “Belt and Road” initiative. We will promote the construction of the comprehensive reform pilot zone for international trade in Yiwu, and strengthen the joint development of the comprehensive pilot zones for cross-border e-commerce in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Shaoxing, and Yiwu. We will deepen the construction of the eWTP pilot zone, and build the core area of the “Digital Silk Road”. We will speed up the construction of 17+1 economic and trade cooperation demonstration zone. We will promote the construction of “Belt and Road” overseas stations, to strive to enable Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe train to run 1000 times throughout the year. We will promote the integration of digital ports, to increase the level of port opening and convenience.

VI. Accelerating the creation of the ecological civilization demonstration

We will continue to intensify pollution prevention and treatment. We will promote the actions of blue sky, clear water, clean soil, and waste removal, complete the rectification tasks put forth by the inspectors during the second round of the central ecological and environmental protection inspection according to high standards, and complete the target tasks of pollution prevention and control. We will participate in the high quality construction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, establish and improve a mechanism for discovering environmental pollution problems, and make concerted efforts to rectify outstanding problems. We will deepen the work of improving the air, implement the “double control and double reduction” of PM2.5 and ozone concentration, complete the adjustment of transportation structure and special rectification of diesel vehicles, reduce the total VOCs emissions in the province by 20% compared with 2015 and in the key industries by more than 30%, reduce the total emission of nitrogen oxides by 19.8%, and ensure that the average PM2.5 concentration in whole province reach the standard steadily. We will promote “the treatment of five types of polluted water” in depth, to ensure that the proportion of water section of Class III and above reaches 88%, to completely eliminate water section of the inferior Class V, and ensure that the quality of the near-shore waters and the section of rivers flowing into seas meets the national assessment requirements. We will strengthen the prevention and control of soil pollution, to ensure that the safe utilization rate of contaminated cultivated land reaches 91% and the safe utilization rate of polluted land reaches more than 90%. We will comprehensively promote waste treatment and create a “city with no waste” in the whole province. We will support Jinhua to carry out the pilot garbage revolution. We will promote the construction of domestic waste classification systems in an all-round way, and strive for zero growth and zero landfill of domestic waste. We will eliminate the industrial waste in an all-round way, to carry out the special rectification operations for solid waste and dynamic elimination operations for hazardous waste, enable the capacity of utilizing and disposing new hazardous waste to reach 300,000 tons per year, and enable the rate of utilizing and disposing industrial hazardous waste to reach more than 96%. We will eliminate the hazardous waste that has been stored for more than 1 year.

We will deeply implement ecological restoration. We will deepen the ecological protection and restoration projects of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, and seas, and accelerate the implementation of the Qiantang River Basin large-scale protection project and the construction of the ecological coastal zone. We will vigorously carry out afforestation, by starting a million acres of land greening action, by building a protective forest system on the banks of rivers and lakes in coastal areas in eastern Zhejiang, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and Taihu Lake, by building a high-standard farmland forest network, and by carrying out ecological restoration of forest vegetation on hills, to create forest cities and forest villages, and thus to make concerted efforts to improve forest coverage.

We will improve the ecological protection mechanism. We will take the 15th anniversary of the “Two Mountains” concept as an opportunity, to deepen the transformation and reform of the “Two Mountains”, to support the creation of national parks in Kaihua and Lishui, to establish and improve the system of nature reserve land, and to jointly promote the construction of Chun’an Special Ecological Functional Zone and the comprehensive reform and innovation pilot zone for the implementation of the “Two Mountains” concept in Anji, and the pilot drive of Lishui ecological product value realization mechanism. We will improve the financial reward and compensation mechanism for green development, deepen the financial reward and punishment system for forest quality, and carry out the pilot compensation for wetland ecology.

VII. Accelerating the promotion of cultural soft power and cultural industry competitiveness

We will cultivate the most beautiful Zhejiang people who are civilized and courteous. We will implement actions to cultivate socialist core values. We will deepen the implementation of civic ethics construction projects, deepen the creation of mass spiritual civilization, and strive to make all the prefecture cities national civilized cities. We will promote the cultivation of the most beautiful social tendency, and continue to carry out the changing of customs. We will implement projects for the development of civilized habits. We will improve the modern volunteer service system.

We will create a batch of cultural signs featuring Zhejiang. We will promote the construction of the Grand Canal National Cultural Park. We will secure the protection and utilization of Liangzhu heritage site. We will strengthen the protection of cultural relics and the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage. We will start to create 10 provincial cultural and ecological reserves. We will carry out the project of creating literary and artistic elite works, to inherit and carry forward the culture of Zhejiang studies. We will implement the cultural gene decoding project, to explore the rich connotations of Yangming culture, Hehe culture, and Nankong culture. We will implement the revival plan of “Millennium Ancient City”.

We will promote the balance of public cultural services. We will fully realize the standardization of basic public cultural services and improve “Zhejiang Wisdom Cultural Cloud”. We will construct with major cultural facilities such as the Zhijiang Cultural Center. We will vigorously promote reading for all. We will increase the efforts to make the people benefited from culture, and deepen the activities of sending culture to the countryside and culture into the family. We will add 3000 new rural cultural auditoriums. We will implement an action plan for inheriting and developing Zhejiang’s outstanding traditional culture, prosper philosophy and social sciences, develop literary and artistic undertakings, and improve the artistic quality of the people.

We will speed up the high-quality development of the cultural industry. We will speed up the construction of the Zhijiang Cultural Industry Belt. We will improve the modern cultural industry system and market system, promote the in-depth integration of culture, tourism and science and technology, and build a pilot area for the in-depth integration of culture and tourism. We will speed up the high-quality development of the publishing industry. We will implemented a number of characteristic projects of Poetic Road Culture, promote 100 major cultural industry projects, create 10 4A-level scenic spots of museums and art galleries, and create 20 culture and tourism industry integration pilot areas. We will support Hengdian Film and Television Cultural Industry Cluster District, China (Zhejiang) Film and Television Industry International Cooperation Zone, etc. to grow bigger and stronger.

VIII. Implementing rural revitalization strategy by high standards

We will deepen rural reform. We will improve the system and mechanism for urban and rural integration development, and actively create a national urban and rural integration development pilot zone. We will summarize the good practices of Lin’an village management, give play to the market-oriented mechanism, and better promote the policies encouraging talents to return to their hometown to work. We will deepen the science and technology commissioner system. We will carry out pilot comprehensive integration reform of beautiful villages in the new era in 11 counties, by promoting the reform of the rural property rights system, the “three-in-one” reform of Federation of Farmers Cooperatives, the forestry rights reform, and the rural financial reform, and by deepening the comprehensive reform pilot of garden village rural revitalization. We will implement the policy of extending another 30 years after the second round of land contract expires.

We will accelerate the revitalization of rural industries. We will deepen the structural reform on the agricultural supply side, promote the integration of the primary, secondary, and tertiary industries, and increase the supply of high-quality green agricultural produces. We will build a number of provincial modern agricultural parks, provincial characteristic agricultural towns, and provincial characteristic agricultural produce advantages zones. We will implement the agricultural produce protection project through geographical indications. We will make concerted efforts to ensure the assumption of responsibilities for the supply of grain and vegetables. We will make more efforts to increase the production of pork, ensure the supply and stabilize the price. We will promote the improvement of farmland production capacity, by newly building 500,000 acres of high-standard farmland, by transforming 500,000 acres of grain production functional areas by higher standards, and by stabilizing the comprehensive grain production and supply capacity. We will continue to do a good job of “one cracking down and three rectifications” at sea, to protect and develop marine pastures.

We will create beautiful villages in the new era. We will deeply implement the “Ten Million Project”, to continue to improve the rural residential environment, to cultivate 10 beautiful rural demonstration counties, and to build 5000 beautiful villages in the new era. We will actively promote the “100 model towns and 1000 beautiful towns” project. We will actively cultivate a number of scenic counties, scenic towns, and scenic villages, carry out protection and improvement of the styles of traditional villages, and create beautiful and livable demonstration villages. We will implement 500 comprehensive land rectification projects in the entire rural areas, to promote the organic renewal of rural areas. We will complete the three-year action plan for “Excellent Rural Roads” by high quality.

We will actively innovate rural governance. We will establish and improve the rural governance system that integrates self-government, rule of law, rule of virtue, and rule of wisdom, improve the villagers’ self-governance, enhance the good governance brands, such as “Houchen experience”, to create 2000 good governance demonstration villages, and strive to create a batch of national village governance demonstration counties, towns, and villages. We will speed up the construction of digital villages. We will focus on weak safety management links such as agricultural vehicles and fishing boats, to carry out investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, and to establish and improve rural risk prevention and control mechanisms.

IX. Strengthening the guarantee of living standard and social governance

We will secure employment. We will emphasize the employment of groups such as college graduates, retired soldiers, and people with employment difficulties in urban areas. We will eliminate families with no family member employed, by adding 800,000 people employed in urban areas, and by reemploying 300,000 urban unemployed people. We will vigorously implement the new era artisan cultivation project and the “golden blue collar” vocational skills improvement action, to complete the task of training 1 million people, with highly-skilled personnel accounting for more than 30% of skilled workers. We will promote the “No Arrears in Zhejiang” action.

We will promote income growth for low-income residents. We will start a new round of village collective economy difficulty-tackling action and mountain-sea collaboration project, implement a high-level comprehensive well-off plan for low-income farmers, and ensure that the income of low-income farmers grows by more than 10%, and the minimum income of low-income farmers reaches more than 8,000 yuan per capita per year. We will timely do a good job of monitoring and helping people who become poor and return to poverty due to illnesses. We will secure the bottom line of basic life and ensure that the basic life of people in need is effectively guaranteed.

We will carry out high-standard cooperation in poverty alleviation, counterpart support, and counterpart cooperation between East and West. We will strengthen cooperation in poverty alleviation and talent support between the east and the west, and do a good job in industrial cooperation, consumer poverty alleviation, e-commerce cooperation, and labor service cooperation, to achieve precision poverty alleviation. We will comprehensively deepen counterpart support and counterpart cooperation, to build a batch of counterpart cooperation demonstration parks.

We will vigorously develop social programs. We will comprehensively implement the strategy of education modernization, launch the fourth round of three-year preschool education action plan, increase the number of public kindergartens, accelerate the compensation for the shortage of common good kindergartens, and enable every township to have public central kindergartens. We will establish an effective mechanism for improving the quality and reducing the burden of primary and middle school students, strengthen mental health education, and strictly regulate the development of off-campus training institutions. We will deepen “Internet + compulsory education”, explore the formation of urban and rural education communities, and promote the same education and training of urban and rural children. We will actively and steadily deepen and improve the comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination. We will concentrate on promoting the construction of “double first-class” colleges and universities, increase the cultivation of provincial advantageous characteristic disciplines, and promote the development and integration of industry, university and research of various colleges and universities in this province. We will deepen the reform of the integration of industry and education in vocational education, and implement actions for increasing the enrollment and improving the quality of higher vocational education. We will deeply implement the Health Zhejiang Action, carry out the pilot medical reform of the “linkage of health care, medicare, and medicine” and the “coordination of health care, medicare, medicine, hospitals, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and doctors”, comprehensively promote the construction of the urban medical associations, promote the in-depth integration of the county medical communities, and deepen the reform of medical insurance payment and the reform of centralized procurement of medicines and medical consumables. We will vigorously implement the “Medical Peak” plan. We will do a good job in prevention and control of key infectious diseases and chronic diseases. We will promote the inheritance and innovation as well as high-quality development of traditional Chinese medicine. We will strengthen the care of infants and young children under 3 years old. We will strengthen social security efforts, by comprehensively promoting provincial-level coordination of old-age, unemployment, and work-related injury insurance, by strengthening the unification of basic health care insurance systems and the coordination of critical illness insurance program in prefecture cities, by strengthening precision expansion of coverage and dynamic management, and by improving the major relief system. We will promote the comprehensive and coordinated development of the old-age care service and industry, support the development of home and community old-age care services, strengthen the construction of rural old-age service facilities and health care associations, deepen smart old-age care, and improve the comprehensive old-age service supervision system. We will promote the construction of urban and rural elderly canteens, build 350 new township home care service centers, and improve the ability of care for the disabled and demented elderly in public old-age care institutions. We will improve the care service system for left-behind children, women and disabled people in rural areas, and promote the construction of “children’s homes”. We will strengthen sports in an all-round way, improve the public fitness service system, and promote the marketing of the sports industry. We will prepare for the Tokyo Olympics with all efforts, and do a good job in preparations for the Hangzhou Asian Games and Asian Paralympic Games. We will promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market, insist on the orientation of housing for living rather than for speculation, secure the assumption of the main responsibility of the city governments, strengthen the real estate market regulation, develop the housing rental industry, and improve the housing security system. We will do a good job in work related to foreign affairs, overseas Chinese affairs, ethnic and religious affairs, civil air defense, earthquakes, meteorology, archives, charity and the Red Cross. We will improve the management and guarantee system for retired soldiers, and create “Fengqiao-style service centers for retired soldiers in the new era”. We will support the reform of national defense mobilization, care about and support the development of the armed forces stationed in Zhejiang, and conduct extensive activities to promote mutual support between the military and civilians in depth.

We will create a secure Zhejiang by high standards. We will improve the social risk prevention and control mechanism, strengthen the identification of hidden dangers, secure the assumption of responsibilities at all levels, strengthen collaborative prevention and control, strictly implement the risk assessment mechanism, and make detailed plans,  to ensure that the risks are controllable. We will strengthen food and drug safety supervision. We will strengthen work safety, strictly secure the assumption of  management responsibilities by the local authorities, supervision responsibilities by the industries and sectors, and main responsibilities by the enterprises, carry out comprehensive safety management in key industries and fields, strengthen risk management and control, emergency management systems, and capacity building, and promote the improvement of safety literacy of millions of enterprise employees and the introduction of emergency response into villages, to effectively improve the level of intrinsic safety, to strictly prevent major accidents, and to ensure that the number of accidents and deaths fall by 20%. We will vigorously enhance natural disaster prevention and control capabilities, implement key projects for natural disaster prevention and control, strengthen risk prevention and control in key areas such as geological disasters, small river torrents, and flooding in urban areas, accelerate the construction of water conservancy projects for typhoon and flood prevention, and for drainage, improve the project system for flood and tide prevention at Qiantang River estuary and along the coast in eastern Zhejiang, implement100 billion projects of building dams for flood prevention, and start the construction of a dam of 150 km long. We will improve the prevention and control system for social security concerns, carry out a special campaign for cracking down on evil forces, and severely crack down on new types of crimes, such as frauds in the telecommunications network and illegal fund-raising, in accordance with the law. We will strengthen national security. We will innovate social governance, adhere to the development of Fengqiao practice in the new era, and accelerate the socialization, legalization, intelligence and specialization of social governance. We will promote the “maximum one visit service” reform, strengthen the management of the operation of the four platforms for grassroots governance, and accelerate the construction of county-level social disputes mediation and resolution centers. We will strengthen comprehensive network management. We will innovate the working mechanism for public complaints and proposals, deepen the creation the “Fengqiao Public Security Police Stations”, and jointly build a social governance community of “no disputes submitted, no security concerns, and no service failure”.

We will deepen the long-term mechanism for providing practical services for the public, conscientiously do a good job in ten aspects of livelihood in accordance with the concept of the people’s proposals, the public decisions, and the government services, and strive to compensate for the aspects of weakness in livelihood, so as to enhance the people’s sense of happiness and security.

1. We will add 200 care service institutions for infant and young children under 3 years old, and add a care capacity of 5000 children.

2. We will provide voluntary free vaccination against influenza for key populations, and carry out the screening for colorectal cancer in groups most likely to be endangered. The number of convenience service spots for delivering medicines to the islands and the mountains will exceed 300, and 500 pharmacies will provide 24-hour “online booking and delivery”.

3. We will complete the three-year action plan for the improvement of rural drinking water, implement the protection project for ancient well water source, raise the drinking water standard of 2.08 million rural residents, enable the urban-rural large-scale water supply project to benefit more than 85% of the population, and ensure that rural residents in the province can have access to drinking water up to standard.

4. We will build 80 kilometers of inter-city railway and urban rail transit, add 100,000 parking spaces in the downtown areas, and renovate 500 bus stops. We will build and renovate 8000 kilometers of rural roads, add 6,000 kilometers of beautiful economical transportation corridors, and add 1500 rural harbor-style stations and 4,000 village logistics service spots.

5. We will establish 500 provincial high-standard household waste classification demonstration communities, and increase the daily urban waste treatment capacity by 20,000 tons.

6. We will complete the reinforcement of 100 dangerous reservoirs and 100 kilometers of embankments, rectify 500 kilometers of small and medium-sized rivers, and add 100 beautiful rivers and lakes.

7. We will build a “15-minute fitness circle”, and add 50 football fields, 100 swimming pools, 250 community multi-purpose public sports fields, 1,000 public gymnasiums, and 1,000 upgrading projects for well-off sports villages.

8. We will build 100 universities (schools) for the elderly, renovate 6,000 old-aged households with aging difficulties for the convenience of the elderly, renovate 10,000 disabled families for barrier-free access, and renovate 300 star-rated “homes for the disabled”.

9. We will cultivate and develop 200,000 reassuring consumption units, 60,000 units promising return of goods without reasons, and 30,000 reassuring factories, and construct 100 reassuring consumer blocks (business areas) and 300 reliable urban and rural farmers’ markets.

10. We will renovate 680 kitchens for rural family banquets, and build 2,500 “sunshine kitchens” in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens.

X. Comprehensively improving government governance efficiency

We will comprehensively strengthen political work. We will learn, understand and earnestly practice Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, take “Staying true to our original aspirations and keeping firmly in mind our missions” as the eternal and lifelong task, enhance “four consciousnesses”, strengthen “four self-confidences”, and achieve “two upholdings”, resolutely implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, and the Provincial Party Committee, and always stay true to our original aspiration and keep firmly in mind our missions. We will improve the supervision mechanism for the exercise of administrative power, accept the supervision of the National People’s Congress in accordance with the law, consciously accept the democratic supervision of CPPCC, and strengthen audit supervision, judicial supervision, supervisory supervision, mass supervision, and public opinion supervision.

We will focus on the public needs and requirements. We will strengthen problem-orientation, goal-orientation, and effect-orientation, promote the institutionalization and long-term effectiveness of the “three services”, and make greater efforts to solve the common problems, deep-seated problems, and difficult problems that the people, enterprises, and grassroots units give strong feedbacks, so as to respond to the expectations of the public with visible changes. We will fully implement the “two strong and three improvements” action plan, focus on building the pioneering institutional mechanisms, and build a service-oriented government that the people are satisfied with.

We will adhere to the thrifty operation of the government. We will strictly control and reduce general expenditures, reduce unnecessary and non-key project expenditures by no less than 10%, reduce daily public expenditures by no less than 5%, and reduce three aspects of public expenditures by no less than 5%. We will strictly control the construction of public projects, significantly reduce the organization of exhibitions and meetings, concentrate financial resources on major events, and effectively improve the performance of financial funds.

We will further promote the government’s digital transformation. We will focus on the goals of a province of mobile services and mobile office, vigorously promote the integration and optimization of the functions of Zheliban and Zhezhengding apps, improve the effectiveness of “Internet+” government services, supervisions, and inspections, and create an efficient and coordinated integral government. More than 80% of government services will be accepted online, and the application rate of mobile law enforcement will reach 90%. We will expand and deepen digital applications in various fields, and focus on provincial space governance, work safety supervision, risk warning against natural disasters, emergency disaster relief, etc., to plan to build a batch of major application projects for scene-oriented multi-service collaboration. We will strengthen public data security management and personal information protection. We will orderly promote data opening and application.

We will basically build a government based on rule of law. We will improve the list of government powers and responsibilities, strictly implement the statutory procedures for major administrative decisions, fully implement the system of government legal counsels and public lawyers, and accelerate the construction of a public legal service system. We will promote legislation in key areas and increase legal review, fair competition review and filing review. We will deepen the reform of comprehensive administrative law enforcement, strengthen the standardization of administrative law enforcement, and strive to improve the level of comprehensive administrative law enforcement at the grassroots level. We will deepen the openness of government affairs. We will strengthen the governance of litigation sources, promote the standardization of administrative reconsideration, and improve the linking mechanism between administrative mediation, people’s mediation and judicial mediation. We will establish and improve a continuous improvement mechanism for administration according to law. We will improve the linkage mechanism of the government, the court and the procuratorate, and strengthen the prevention and resolution of administrative disputes. We will improve the system of responding to complaints by the heads of administrative organs.

We will strengthen the creation of a clean government. We will earnestly fulfill the responsibility of seeing Party self-governance exercised fully and with vigor, set examples for acting with firm resolve to implement the Party Central Committee’s eight-point decision on improving Party and government conduct, and focus on rectifying formalism and bureaucracy. We will unswervingly advance the anti-corruption campaign, strengthen institutional and legal awareness, build a system and mechanism that comprehensively promotes being scared of corruption, keeping away from corruption, and moral defenses against corruption, and create a political ecology in which the civil servants are upright, entrepreneurial and responsible.

This year, we must make the “14th Five-Year Plan” in a sound manner. We will face the socialist modernization with people as its core, pool wisdom and strength, focus on major issues such as innovation-driven initiatives, industrial competitiveness, regional spatial layout, provincial governance systems, and the promotion of the strategic position of Zhejiang, plan a new batch of major reforms, major projects, major platforms, and major policies, compile a five-year plan that is realistic, plays leading roles in development, and withstands the historical test, and take the lead to start a new journey of modernization.

Fellow deputies! The glorious missions in a new year propel us to forge ahead. Let us rally closer around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, hold high the banner of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a New Era, and follow the guidance of Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, to be determined to create new progress and pioneer innovation, to seize the day and live it to the full, and to make new and greater contributions to the achievement of the goal of the “two high-levels”!

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