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Che Jun meets with Suriname President Bouterse and Yuan Jiajun takes part in activities organized by business community of China and the Soviet Union
Date:2020-01-06 10:02

Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the CPC Che Jun met with Suriname President Bouterse in Hangzhou on the afternoon on November 29.


Che Jun expressed a warm welcome to Bouterse. He said that on November 27, President Xi Jinping held talks with His Excellency the President to jointly announce the establishment of a strategic cooperative partnership between China and the Soviet Union to push bilateral relations to a new level. This will inject new impetus into the deepening of friendly relations between Zhejiang and Suriname. As a major province of opening up and private economy, Zhejiang will implement the consensus reached by the heads of state of the two countries and actively participate in exchanges and cooperation with Suriname. Zhejiang and Soviet Union have different resources and endowments, with great potential for mutual supplement in economic growth and for cooperation. Hopefully, both sides will take the visit of His Excellency the President to Zhejiang as an opportunity to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in various fields under the “Belt and Road” framework, especially to give full play to the role of a bridge played by overseas Chinese from Zhejiang, to work together to improve the environment for trade and investment, and to write a new chapter in Zhejiang-Soviet friendly relations.


Bouterse expressed his congratulations on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. He said that compared with the long history of China, 70 years is only a short moment, but China has made world-renowned achievements in various fields such as economy, society and culture, in which the Communist Party of China has played a key role. According to him, China’s influence on the international stage is growing, and especially the “Belt and Road” initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping is bringing tangible benefits to the world. He also said that based on the long history of Sino-Soviet friendship, this current visit to China is to further consolidate long-term friendly relations with China, just as the Chinese saying goes: those minds who think alike cannot be separated far apart by mountains and seas. He added that there are many good practices and experiences in Zhejiang that are worth learning from, and the Soviet Union is willing to carry out more practical cooperation with Zhejiang, by embracing friends from Zhejiang for investment and tourism.


At noon that day, the luncheon for China-Suriname business community was held in Hangzhou. In his speech, Yuan Jiajun, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and governor, said that the consensus reached by President Jinping and President Bouterse should be carefully implemented to encourage more Zhejiang enterprises to invest in the Soviet Union, to promote the all-round exchanges and cooperation in infrastructure, trade, digital economy, energy, humanities, and tourism to a new level, and to contribute to make great contribution to the “Belt and Road” initiative.


Senior officials in accompany of Suriname, officials of Zhejiang Provincial Government, Chen Jinbiao, Zhou Jiangyong, Zhu Congjiu, and Zheng Jiwei, and Chinese ambassador to Suriname Liu Quan attended the meeting and the related activities.

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