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Record My Nostalgia for the Beautiful Hometown--Zhejiang, China: An Invitation for Zhejiang Overseas Chinese to Our Essay Contest
Date:2015-07-06 00:05

Dear Zhejiang overseas friends:
Have you still remembered the fragrance of the soil in your hometown Zhejiang? Now please attend our essay contest which revolves around “Beautiful Zhejiang, Beautiful Life”, co-hosted by the Information Office and the Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Zhejiang Provincial Government, Zhejiang Education Department, and Zhejiang Daily Press Group.
This essay contest centers on “the memory of Zhejiang” with the theme of “record my nostalgia for the beautiful hometown—Zhejiang, China”. The contestants are expected to depict the landscape of and memory of their hometown and tell inspiring stories about how they worked hard abroad and made contributions to their hometown that they were yearning for day and night.
All overseas Chinese born in Zhejiang and Zhejiang students studying abroad are welcome to this contest. Contestants are required to submit a narrative or prose (written in Chinese) with no more than 2,000 Chinese characters. All of the work submitted must be original and convey the sincerest feelings with simple and touching language. Prior to November 30, 2015, you may submit your essays to: jzxc2006@163.com. Remember to mark your email with the title of “Work Submitted to ‘Record My Nostalgia for the Beautiful Hometown—Zhejiang’ Essay Contest”.
We will publish the best essays on the leading foreign Chinese newspapers and their websites such as American-Chinese Daily in U.S.A., The Europe Times in France, Chinese Businessmen in the United Kingdom, Huaxia Media in Australia, Zhejiang Monthly in Taiwan, and special editions and special columns of Zhejiang Today Online. Besides, the client software of Zhejiang News will open a special section for this essay contest. The judging panel of the contest will select 5 first-prize winners, 10 second-prize winners and 20 third-prize winners, each of whom will be awarded a particular sum of money, and the list of winners will be made public by the end of this year.

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