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General Situation
    Main Data of Zhejiang’s 1% Population Sample Survey in 2019
    Date:2020-08-06 10:12

    Estimated from the province's 5‰ population change sample survey in 2019, the permanent population of the province was 58.5 million at the end of the year, an increase of 1.13 million over the end of the previous year. The male population was 30.05 million and the female was 28.45 million, accounting for 51.4% and 48.6% of the total population respectively. The newly-born population of the year was 609,000, with a birth rate of 10.51‰; the death population was 320, 000, with a death rate of 5.52‰; the natural growth rate was 4.99‰, and the urbanization rate is 70.0%.

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