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Department of Education of Zhejiang Province
Date:2012-06-11 23:13

Address: 321 Wenhui Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Post code: 310014

Telephone: 86-571-88008999

Email address: zjwbgs@mail.hz.zj.cn

Website: http://jyt.zj.gov.cn/gb/index1.html  (Chinese)

Major Responsibilities:

1.To implement the Party’s and state guidelines and policies for education undertakings and related laws and regulations; and to push forward the legal construction in education system.

2.To formulate the provincial education development plans; to coordinate with relevant departments in formulating the establishment standards for all schools; to direct pedagogical reform in all schools, and to collect, analyze and release basic information about education.

3.To be responsible for the ideological building of CPC, leadership construction and the ideological, political and propaganda work in colleges and universities; to coordinate with the provincial United Front Work Department in undertaking the united front work; and to direct the steady operation of education system.

4.To be responsible for promoting the balanced development of 9-year compulsory education and education equity; to organize and supervise the inspection and assessment of education development level, quality and structure of primary and secondary education; to formulate the basic requirements and basic pedagogical documents for primary and secondary schools; to organize the review and approval of the teaching materials for compulsory education compiled within the province; and to implement in full all-around development education.

5.To plan and direct higher education and continuing education within the province; to participate in the examination and verification of the establishment, renaming, cancelling and adjustment of colleges and universities; to undertake the administration of diploma education of the province; to formulate and implement student recruitment for institutions of higher learning; and to direct the specialty setup in colleges and universities and the evaluation of higher learning.

6.To manage educational funds as a whole within the department; to take part in the formulation and supervision of guidelines and policies with regard to fund-raising, fund allocation and capital construction investment for educational purposes; and to be responsible for internal auditing of educational system.


7.To direct the work of ideology and political education, morals, physical training, health, arts and national defense education in schools of different categories and levels within the province.

8.To administer province-wide teachers’ work; to organize and implement professional qualifications for teachers; to organize and direct training for teachers of different categories and levels; to take part in the formulation of personnel reform policies on school staffing and salary; and to organize and direct the construction of talent team and the appraisal of the academic titles of the professional personnel.

9.To administer the management of student registration of schools of different categories and levels within the province; to participate in the formulation of employment policies for college and university graduates; and to guide college and university graduates in seeking employment and starting business.

10.To be responsible for scientific research in educational institutions in the province; to direct the research, application and popularization of high and new technology in colleges and universities; to direct the development of provincial key labs, engineering research centers and technological innovation platforms at institutions of higher learning.

11.To supervise the security control of the provincial educational system (including private schools), and to organize or coordinate the investigation of wrongdoings in school security management such as neglect of duty and illegal acts.

12.To conduct overall management of international exchanges and cooperation in the field of education, to dispatch education staff for government-supported overseas education programs and manage foreign teachers and students in the province; to coordinate the educational cooperation and exchanges with Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan region; and to be responsible for the work of teaching Chinese as a foreign language and the review and approval of international education exhibitions.   

13.To be responsible for the administration of the provincial work on languages and words; to formulate relevant administration policies on languages and words; to coordinate, supervise and examine the standardization of languages and words in the province; and to guide the training and testing of Putonghua (Chinese) and standard Chinese characters.

14.To implement the state academic degree conferral system; to make overall plans for degree conferral in the province; and to undertake the routine work of the Academic Degree Committee of Zhejiang Province.

15.To guide the work of social organizations and educational foundations affiliated to the department.

16.To guide the school-run industries, logistics and service management of schools in the province.

17.To undertake other tasks assigned by the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and the Provincial People’s Government.

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